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Book a Prison Visit Online

Booking a visit online. Continue Reading

Calls cost in prison

How much are calls to family & friends whilst in prison. Continue Reading

Can you smoke in prison

You can not smoke in prison. Prisons across england have now become a Smoke Free zone and you can not buy tobacco on the canteen inside prison. Continue Reading

Cheaper Prison Calls

Prison calls to mobile phones are very expensive - we have setup calling packages so you get landline prices, but to your mobile phone! Continue Reading

Do prisoners only serve half their prison sentence?

Prisoners are automatically released early at the half way point of their prison sentence.? Continue Reading

First Time In Prison

If this is your first time in prison, you will feel as if you are a fish out of water, as if you do not belong there. Continue Reading

Getting Beaten Up In Prison

Are you likely to be beaten up in prison? Continue Reading

Prison Advice

Prison Advice, we can help you answer all of your questions in regards to Prison. Continue Reading

Send money to a prisoner

How to send money to a prisoner? Continue Reading

What are Prison Cells Like?

At most, it has a bunk bed that is normally screwed to the wall, a few wall-mounted cabinets, a kettle, a TV and most have a washbasin and toilet next to the bunk bed. Continue Reading

What is prison like?

If this is your first time in prison, it is important to keep an open mind and to remember that everyone is still human, regardless of the crime they committed. Continue Reading

What to take to prison?

What should you take to prison, including packing a bag for your arrival Continue Reading

Do First-Time Offenders Go to Prison?

The question “Do first-time offenders go to jail in the UK?” is one that many people find themselves asking. Continue Reading

Fraud by False Representation

In the UK, the penalties for fraud can be severe, depending on the nature and scale of the offence. Continue Reading

Understanding the Prison Sentence for First Offence of Possession with Intent to Supply Class A Drugs

Understanding the legal consequences of drug-related crimes in the UK, especially cases tied to Class A Drugs, is important to the general public, the offenders, and their families. Continue Reading

Understanding Bail: What It Means To Be Released On Bail

When a person is released on bail in the UK, it means that they have been charged with a crime but they can live outside of prison as they prepare for their court dates. This bail often comes with certain restrictions and conditions. Continue Reading

Understanding the Prison Sentence for Aggravated Robbery

When trying to gain an understanding of any aspect of the UK's penal system, it's essential to start with the basics. One such basic idea is understanding the prison sentence for aggravated robbery in the UK. Continue Reading

The Importance of Saying 'No Comment' During a Police Interview

Among the many legal rights available to individuals being questioned by police in the UK, the often misunderstood 'right to remain silent' holds particular importance. Sometimes, the smartest thing you can do is to say 'No comment'. Continue Reading

Minimum Prison Sentence for Murder in the UK

In the UK, murder is considered the most serious crime under law. As such, it carries the heaviest sentences. The minimum prison sentence for murder in the UK is a mandatory life sentence. Continue Reading

Guide to Appealing Against a Conviction

Knowing your rights and understanding the process of appealing against a conviction is crucial. Continue Reading

Understanding the CPS Decision Time Limit

Let’s delve into the workings of the Crown Prosecution Service, commonly known as the CPS, with a particular focus on the CPS Decision Time Limit. It might be a subject some may find confusing, so we’ll aim to make it as simple as possible to understand. Continue Reading

Understanding the Prison Sentence for Assisting with Money Laundering

When it comes to understanding the prison sentence for assisting with money laundering in the UK, it’s important to first understand what money laundering is. Continue Reading

Duration of Police Investigations in the UK

The duration of police investigations in the UK can vary greatly and depends on a variety of factors. Continue Reading

Minimum Prison Sentence for Blackmail in the UK

In the UK, blackmail is a serious offence punishable under the Theft Act 1968. The gravity of this crime could result in a severe sentence upon conviction. Continue Reading

Understanding a Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing

Plea and Trial Preparation Hearings are constitutional parts of the criminal justice system in the UK. Let’s break down these terms and see what they really mean. Continue Reading

Sentences for Perverting the Course of Justice

The charge of Perverting the Course of Justice falls under the UK’s Common Law. This offence is serious and carries severe penalties. Continue Reading

Prison Sentence for Conspiracy to Traffic Drugs

In the UK, the charge of conspiracy to supply drugs refers to an agreement between two or more people to carry out an illegal act, namely the trafficking of illegal substances. Continue Reading

Prison Sentence for First-Time Theft Offence

When it comes to understanding sentences for first-time theft offences in the UK, it’s crucial to remember that court rulings are determined by a mix of factors, including the nature of the crime, the value of stolen goods, and previous criminal records. Continue Reading

Can My Prison Sentence Be Increased If I Appeal?

Do you wonder, ‘Can my prison sentence be increased if I appeal?‘ in the UK? It’s a valid question and a common concern among prisoners. Continue Reading

Prison Sentencing for First-Time Fraud Offences

Fraud involves wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. In UK law, fraud can be categorised into multiple types such as: fraud by false representation, fraud by failing to disclose information, and fraud by abuse of position. Continue Reading

Maximum Prison Sentence for Possession of One Kilo of Cocaine

If you find yourself wondering about the consequences of being caught in possession of one kilo of cocaine in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Continue Reading

Understanding Short-Term Prison Sentences

Short-term prison sentences (STS) in the UK represent prison terms that are less than 12 months in duration. Continue Reading

Understanding the Possibility of Incarceration: Factors and Considerations

Getting to grips with the possibility of incarceration can be a troubling subject. In the UK, understanding the factors that can lead to imprisonment is crucial. Some may believe that incarceration is usually a result of severe crime, but the reality is, it can stem from more minor offences too. Continue Reading

Mobile Phones Usage and Policies in Prisons

Mobile phones are a hot topic in the context of UK prisons. The use of mobiles in prison settings raises all sorts of questions and concerns. Continue Reading

Understanding the Safest Prisons in the UK

At the fore of our prison system, safety is a paramount concern. In this post, we delve into some of the safest prisons within the United Kingdom, giving you a snapshot of how the institutions operate to ensure the security of their occupants. Continue Reading

Six-Month Jail Sentence

In the UK, a variety of criminal offenses can lead to a six-month jail sentence. These offenses reflect a range of different behaviors, from violence to theft to drug-related crimes. Continue Reading

Preparing Yourself for Jail

Apprehending a jail sentence can be a demanding and frightening experience. However, proper understanding can help in easing the discomfort that comes with the unpredictability. Continue Reading

Understanding the Concept of a Minimum Sentence

For those who are new to the legal world, the term minimum sentence might sound a bit complicated. But in reality, it’s a rather straightforward concept that is vital in the criminal justice system in the UK.Continue Reading

Do You Go Straight to Jail After Sentencing?

Do you ever wonder what happens right after someone is sentenced in court? In the United Kingdom specifically, the process may not be as immediate as one might think.Continue Reading

Understanding the Rules and Regulations of UK Prisons

Understanding the rules and regulations of UK prisons is crucial for those who are incarcerated, their families, and anyone else who comes into the contact with the prison system. Here we will explain everything you need to know.Continue Reading

Understanding the Structure and Operations of the Prison System

One of the first things you should know is that the overall responsibility for prisons in the UK is managed by the Ministry of Justice. We’ve split this guide into different sections to make it easier for you to understand and navigate. Continue Reading

Average Duration of Prison Sentences

Understanding the average duration of prison sentences in the UK can offer crucial insight into the country’s justice system. Continue Reading

Do Prisoners Have Internet Access

Access to the internet in prisons is a hotly debated topic. In the UK, according to the law, internet access for prisoners is largely restricted. However, it’s not as cut and dry as a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Continue Reading

Understanding the Shortest Prison Sentence Duration in the UK

When it comes to understanding the prison system in the UK, the shortest prison sentence duration is a crucial concept. Let’s delve into some essential details to clear up any misconceptions. Continue Reading

What Items are Allowed to Send to Prisoners in the UK

Sending items to loved ones in prison can be a wonderful way to show support and maintain a connection. However, it’s crucial to know what items are allowed to be sent to prisoners in the UK to avoid any complications. Continue Reading

How Prisoners Receive Haircuts in British Prisons

When thinking about life in a British prison, you may wonder about the mundane day-to-day occurrences: Do prisoners get haircuts? If so, how often and where? Continue Reading

Consequences for Prisoners Caught with a Mobile Phone

Prisoners found in possession of a mobile phone whilst serving their sentence need to understand the repercussions of such actions. Continue Reading

How to Contact a Prisoner: Procedures and Guidelines

If you want to communicate with a prisoner in the UK, there are several ways to accomplish this. Let us guide you through the specific procedures and guidelines for each method. Continue Reading

Can I Hug My Boyfriend in Prison?

Visiting a loved one in prison is an emotional experience and the thought of wanting to hold them close is only natural. However, there are guidelines in place for prison visits. Continue Reading

Christmas Behind Bars

For most people across the globe, Christmas is a time of unity, conviviality, and festivity. But what about the one group that society often forgets about–the men and women spending their festive season in the UK prison system? Continue Reading

Booking Your First Prison Visit

Visiting a loved one in prison can be an emotionally-wrought experience, especially if this is your first time. It’s normal to feel nervous. Here is a comprehensive guide designed to help ease your concerns and answer your questions about booking your first prison visit in the UK: Continue Reading

Visiting a Prisoner for the First Time

Visiting a loved one in prison can seem challenging for first-timers. This guide will provide insights into what to expect and how to prepare. Continue Reading

Understanding Remand Prisoners

Whether a person is navigating the criminal justice system for the first time or simply wants to understand the concept of remand prisoners in the UK, this page aims to shed light on related procedures and rights. Continue Reading

Guide to Category B Prisons in the UK

Category B Prisons form an essential part of the UK prison system. These are designed for those prisoners whose escape would pose a considerable risk to the public, but who do not show an intent to do so. Continue Reading

Prohibited Items for Inmates: A Comprehensive List

While they are under the UK prison system’s care, certain items are deemed too dangerous or inappropriate to allow for a safe and secure environment. Continue Reading

Items Allowed During a Prison Visit

When it comes to visiting loved ones in prison, understanding the do’s and don’ts around items you’re allowed to bring can make the process smoother and less stressful. Continue Reading

Request a Prison Visit: Step-by-Step Guide

Ever wondered how to meet a loved one incarcerated in the UK prison system? Well, wonder no more. This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of requesting a prison visit. Continue Reading

Understanding the Meaning of HMP

In the United Kingdom, the term HMP is commonly seen when discussing prisons. But what exactly does this acronym mean and why is it significant in the context of UK prisons? Continue Reading

Comprehensive Guide to Prisons in the United Kingdom

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to prisons in the United Kingdom. Here, we provide trusted and up-to-date information you need to know about UK prisons and their related aspects within the ambit of UK law. Continue Reading

Possible Prisons for the Chrisleys

In the world of reality TV, few families are as prominent as the Chrisleys. Known for their lavish lifestyle and Southern charm, the family is at the centre of an ongoing tax evasion scandal. Continue Reading

Understanding Prison Clothing

When it comes to Understanding Prison Clothing in the UK, the clothing prisoners wear serves a multitude of purposes. In this overview, we’ll break down the key aspects of prison clothing, from its history and purpose to what it’s like today. Continue Reading

Understanding Life in Prison

While life in prison may appear as a mystery to many, it’s a reality for thousands across the UK. In this article, we aim to provide an in-depth understanding of what UK prison life is like, covering aspects such as accommodation, food, education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. Continue Reading

Can a Prisoner Attend the Birth of His Child?

When a man is incarcerated, many aspects of life don’t stop and this includes family occurrences, and births are no exception. For inmates in UK prisons, it is natural to question, ‘Can a prisoner attend the birth of his child? Continue Reading

Can You Bring Gifts for Prisoners?

When visiting a loved one in prison, bringing a small gift or token of affection may seem like a good idea. However, it’s important to understand that there are strict rules and regulations surrounding what you can and can’t bring to a prison in the UK. Continue Reading

List of Remand Prisons in the UK

Welcome to our comprehensive list of remand prisons in the United Kingdom. Continue Reading

Implications of Incarceration on Council Housing

Being sent to prison can have significant repercussions on various aspects of one’s life, including access to council housing (also known as social housing). Continue Reading

Relationships When Your Partner is Incarcerated

Dealing with the incarceration of a loved one often feels like a maze. Many questions loom in your mind; how can I support them? How do I cope? Continue Reading

Can I Marry My Partner While They Are Incarcerated?

Understanding that emotional connection to loved ones is key to rehabilitation, many may wonder, “can I marry my partner while they’re incarcerated?” Within the UK, the answer is yes. Continue Reading

What to Expect When Incarcerated

If you or a loved one is facing incarceration in the UK, it’s natural to have many questions. It’s important to understand the process, your rights, and what to expect while serving time. Continue Reading

Understanding the Process and Your Rights When Going to Jail

Going to jail can be a complex process, but it is crucial to understand your rights and the steps involved. This guide aims to shed light on those areas with a focus on the UK’s legal framework. Continue Reading

Support and Guidance for Women with Spouses in Prison

Having a spouse in prison can be a challenging and emotional time. This page offers support and guidance for women coping with such a circumstance, providing resources just for you. Continue Reading

Support and Resources for Women With Husbands in Prison

If your husband is in prison, you might be feeling overwhelmed. It’s normal to experience a range of emotions from fear and anger to confusion and sadness. However, you’re not alone, and the support is available. Continue Reading

Understanding Prison-Related Offences

Prison offences in the UK refer to crimes committed whilst a person is serving time in prison. These offences may lead to punishments within the prison system or further legal actions. Continue Reading

Understanding the Role & Functions of the Sentencing Council

If you’re looking to understand the inner workings of the UK criminal justice system, understanding the role and functions of the Sentencing Council is crucial. This entity plays a significant part in setting the guidelines that dictate the punitive measures taken against convicted individuals in the UK. Continue Reading

Guide to Appealing a Prison Sentence

If you or a loved one have recently been sentenced and you feel that the decision is unjust or excessive, you have the legal right to challenge it through the appeal process. Here’s our simple guide to walk you through appealing a prison sentence in the UK. Continue Reading

Understanding How Judges Determine Sentences

When it comes to the UK’s legal system, one of the most crucial aspects is understanding how judges decide on a sentence for a defendant convicted of committing a crime. The process is dictated by UK law and aims to be as fair and just as possible. Continue Reading

Can Inmates in the UK Use Amazon

Often, friends and family of inmates in UK prisons wonder if they can support their loved one via provisions ordered online, specifically from Amazon. This page examines the regulations related to the use of Amazon by inmates. Continue Reading

Maximum Security Prisons in the UK

hen it comes to the British correctional system, these institutions represent the highest level of security, housing prisoners who pose the greatest threat to public safety and order. Continue Reading

What Items can Prisoners Purchase in Jail?

Prison can be a challenging environment. However, prisoners in the UK do have certain rights and privileges, one of which includes the ability to purchase certain items while incarcerated. Continue Reading

What Can Prisoners Spend Money On

Welcome to our comprehensive guide about what prisoners in the UK can spend their money on. Continue Reading

Can Prisoners Access Their Bank Accounts in Prison?

When a person finds themselves under the custody of Her Majesty’s Prison Service, one of the biggest concerns they often have is about their personal finances. Continue Reading

Timeframe for a Prisoner’s First Phone Call?

One prevalent question that arises is: “When is a prisoner allowed to make their first phone call?” Continue Reading

Understanding the Proceeds of Crime Act

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) stands as a milestone in the approach of the United Kingdom toward the treatment of crime and its profits. Its primary aim is to prevent criminals from benefiting from their unlawful activities. Continue Reading

Understanding the Time Gap Between a Guilty Verdict and Prison Sentencing

One key aspect that often confuses people is the time gap that occurs between a guilty verdict and the sentencing itself. This period can be a stressful time fraught with uncertainty. Continue Reading

Understanding Monthly Payment Options for Your POCA Debt

If you’re subject to a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) confiscation order, and you’re unsure about how to make payments towards your debt, this guide will walk you through the process. Continue Reading

Understanding the Prison Sentence for Assault with a Weapon

Assault with a weapon involves an attack on another individual where the offender uses a weapon to inflict harm. ‘Weapons’ are broad in interpretation, ranging from knives and guns to everyday objects used with harmful intent. Continue Reading

Understanding the Prison Sentence for Aggravated Burglary

Aggravated Burglary is a serious offence in the UK and it’s vital to understand the nuances of the potential prison sentence associated with this crime. In this article, we will discuss the legal repercussions, sentencing guidelines, and other aspects of this issue. Continue Reading

Prison Sentence Duration for Affray Offences

Affray is a serious offence in the UK. The legal definition of affray, under the Public Order Act 1986, implies the use of or threat of unlawful violence towards another such that a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene would fear for his or her personal safety. Continue Reading

Understanding the Meaning of Further Arrest

If you’re attempting to understand the complex workings of the law, particularly in the case of a further arrest, you’re in the right place. Delving into UK law, this page will provide insights on what a further arrest entails within the nation’s legal parameters. Continue Reading

Can You Face Imprisonment for Viewing Illegal Content Online in the UK

It’s a common query – can you face imprisonment for viewing illegal content online in the UK? Society has certainly witnessed a surge in digital progress over the last few decades, and with this growth, cybercrime has become increasingly prevalent. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Portland Prison

Portland Prison, a male adult/young offenders institution set on the gorgeous Isle of Portland in Dorset, is a place where inmates are guided and supported to reform and lead a law-abiding life upon release. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Preston Prison

In operation since 1790, Preston Prison, officially known as HMP Preston, is one of the oldest prisons in the country. It houses over 800 male inmates and is a Category B prison. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Ranby Prison

Ranby Prison is well-equipped to house around 1100 male inmates. The accommodation is arranged in separate wings, each serving a unique purpose. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Risley Prison

Risley Prison is a Category C adult male prison that has the capacity to hold approximately 1,095 prisoners. It is known for promoting rehabilitation, offering a wide variety of vocational educational and training services. Continue Reading

Life and Conditions in Rochester Prison

Rochester Prison is known for its distinct history maintaining a variety of roles from a borstal, a naval prison, to its current status as a Youth Offenders and adult Category C training prison. Continue Reading

Life at Rye Hill Prison

Rye Hill Prison serves as a category B training prison. Run by the private company G4S since 2008, it offers an insight into the daily life of inmates and their journey towards rehabilitation. Continue Reading

the Conditions and Environment in a SEND Prison

When considering entering a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Prison, it’s vital to have an understanding of the conditions and environment inside. Continue Reading

Life in Stafford Prison

Stafford Prison is a Category C prison, primarily housing male inmates convicted of various offenses. It’s an important fixture in the UK’s penal process and is invested in maintaining a safe, constructive environment for its inmates. Continue Reading

Stocken Prison: A Comprehensive Overview

Stocken Prison was opened in 1985 as a purpose-built young offenders institute. Its original intent was to house prisoners serving life sentences. However, by 1988, the prison facilities expanded, evolving its function over the years to accommodate adult inmates following the extending of its roof enhancement in 1990. Continue Reading

What to Expect at Stoke Heath Prison

Stoke Heath Prison is quite modern by prison standards, having been opened in 1985. It is surrounded by a secure perimeter and operates high standards of security, befitting of its category C status which houses prisoners who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who are unlikely to make a determined escape attempt. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Styal Prison

Located in the village of Styal, Cheshire, this prison spells out a unique blend of history and regulations playing a pivotal role in the UK’s correctional system. Initially established as a residence for Manchester’s impoverished population, the main building now houses a population of approximately 460 female inmates. Continue Reading

Life at Swaleside Prison

Swaleside Prison is a Category B training prison located on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into its history, facilities, daily routine, visitation rights, and more. Continue Reading

Experiences and Conditions at Swansea Prison

Located in South Wales, Swansea Prison is a category-B local and remand prison housing male inmates. Let’s take a closer look at the day-to-day experiences and living conditions here. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Swinfen Hall Prison

The main focus of Swinfen Hall Prison is the rehabilitation and redirection of young men. It provides various opportunities for inmates to better themselves and prepare for a positive life post-incarceration. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Thameside Prison

Thameside Prison is managed by Serco, a private company. With the capacity to house over 1,200 male prisoners, Thameside is one of London’s larger establishments. Continue Reading

the Largest Prison in the UK

Widely renowned as the largest and maximum-security prison within the confines of the United Kingdom, HMP Oakwood is synonymous with size, robust security measures, and remarkable rehabilitation initiatives. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities in The Mount Prison

The Mount is a category C prison for males over the age of 21 who are nearing the end of their sentence. With a focus on rehabilitation and preparing inmates for re-entry into society, it offers a unique perspective on incarceration and correctional approaches in the UK. Continue Reading

Living Conditions and Facilities at The Verne Prison

Nestled in the heart of the Isle of Portland, The Verne Prison is a historic facility repurposed as an Immigration Removal Centre in 2014. But, in 2018, it resumed its operations as a category C prison. Continue Reading

Life and Conditions at Usk Prison

Usk Prison originally functioned as a county gaol. Today, it stands as a noteworthy closed category C/D establishment that houses adult male prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentences. Continue Reading

Things Not to Do in a Prison Environment

Understanding how to behave in a prison environment can be critical in ensuring your safety and that of others. Continue Reading

Bedtime Schedule for Prisoners in the UK

Understanding the daily schedule in UK prisons can be a bit tricky, but we’ve got you covered, focusing on one key aspect today, the Bedtime Schedule for Prisoners in the UK. Continue Reading

Essential Items to Bring into Prison

When you enter prison, there are certain essential items that you’re allowed to bring with you in the UK. This list includes items that offer comfort, maintain hygiene, and allow you to stay in touch with loved ones. Continue Reading

Essential Items to Bring for a Prison Visit

When you’re visiting a loved one in prison, you’re bound to have questions about what you can bring. At UK Prison Info, we understand the importance of having accurate information.Continue Reading

Essential Items to Bring to Court for Sentencing

Preparing for a Court Sentencing: What You Need to Bring? Continue Reading

What’s a Prison Cell Like in the UK

If you’re curious to understand what a prison cell in the UK looks like, then continue reading. In this comprehensive guide, we aim to paint a clear picture of exactly what one can expect inside a UK prison cell. Continue Reading

Understanding Conditions for Prisoner Release on Electronic Monitoring (Tagging)

Electronic monitoring, commonly referred to as ‘tagging’, is a tool often used by the UK justice system for prisoners who are considered a low-risk to society. Continue Reading

Determining Your Assigned Prison

This guide will help you understand the intricate system and how specific prisons are assigned to inmates in the United Kingdom. Continue Reading

White Collar Prisons in the UK

White collar prisons, a term popularized by the media, refers to prisons that house inmates who are convicted of non-violent, financial crimes. Continue Reading

Eligibility Criteria for Prison Visits

If you’re planning to visit a prisoner in the UK, it’s essential to understand the eligibility requirements beforehand. The rules for prison visits can seem complex, but don’t worry, we’re here to make them clear. Continue Reading

Who Decides Your Prison Assignment

If you or a loved one is set to enter the UK’s prison system, you may have questions about the prison allocation process. It can feel overwhelming, but understanding how this vital part of the justice system works is key to navigating it effectively. Continue Reading

Reasons for Inmate Transfer in UK Prisons

In the UK prison system, inmate transfers are a common occurrence. There are varying reasons why an inmate may be transferred from one prison to another. We’ll discuss the main reasons for such transfers, in accordance with UK law and practices. Continue Reading

Does a Prisoner Know the Identity of Their Money Sender?

Many people wonder whether prison inmates in the UK can see the names of those who send money to their prison accounts. The unequivocal answer is yes. Continue Reading

Women Facing Prison for the First Time

Preparing for prison can be a daunting experience, especially for women who are facing incarceration for the first time. This guide aims to provide practical and helpful information to make the process less overwhelming. Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Criticised Prisons in the UK

When discussing the most criticised prisons in the UK, it’s vital to understand the criteria being used. In this list, we’re focusing on issues such as living conditions, rehabilitation programs, and general treatment of inmates. Continue Reading

Understanding Category A Prisons in the UK

Category A prisons in the UK are high-security facilities specifically designed to house prisoners who pose the greatest threat to the public and national security. Continue Reading

Understanding the Offences that Lead to Category B Prisoner Status

Understanding the offences that lead to Category B prisoner status can be daunting, especially since the UK’s legal system is vast and nuanced. Continue Reading

Overview of Category A Prisons in the UK

The UK prison system operates on a grading system. Among these categories, Category A is the most stringent. This grade is assigned to prisoners that pose the largest threat to society and therefore require the highest level of security. Continue Reading

Most Common Crimes Committed Inside Prisons in the UK

The ins and outs of prison life can be complex and challenging. Crime doesn’t stop at the prison gates, and offences can happen within the penal system, not just outside of it. Continue Reading

What Items are Prisoners Allowed to Have in Jail?

Understanding the items a prisoner can possess while serving their sentence is key to ensuring their comfort, health, and well-being. Continue Reading

Understanding the New Home Detention Curfew (HDC) Rules

The Home Detention Curfew (HDC) is a system that was introduced in the UK to permit prisoners to be released early from custody under stringent conditions, including a tagged curfew. Continue Reading

Essential Items Women Can Bring into Prison

When preparing for a prison sentence, it’s crucial to understand what personal items you’re allowed to bring along. This guide provides a list of essential items women can bring into prison in the UK. Continue Reading

Daily Life and Routine Activities of Prisoners

Understanding the daily life and routine activities in UK prisons is crucial for inmates, their families, and anyone interested in the penal system. Continue Reading

Guide to Prison Food

You may be surprised at just how varied the food can be inside a prison. Continue Reading

What to Pack in Your Prison Bag

Being sent to prison is a difficult and challenging experience. This page discusses the essentials you should pack in your prison bag when preparing for incarceration in the UK. Continue Reading

Living Conditions and Facilities at Altcourse Prison

In serene Liverpool, you’ll find the Altcourse Prison, a facility committed to promoting rehabilitation and positive changes in the inmate population. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Ashfield Prison

Located in the picturesque setting of Pucklechurch, Bristol, Ashfield Prison is a Category C men’s prison, mainly managing prisoners convicted for sexual offences. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Askham Grange Prison

Askham Grange Prison is an open category prison located in Askham Richard, a village near York. This establishment is one of only 12 female prisons in the UK and offers its inmates distinctive surroundings and a distinct approach to rehabilitation. Continue Reading

Life in Aylesbury Prison

Aylesbury Prison, operational since 1810, is located in Buckinghamshire, England. Unlike your average detention centre, it specifically houses male offenders aged between 18 and 21, who are serving some of the longest sentences. Continue Reading

Bedford Prison: An In-depth Overview

Bedford Prison is a Category B men’s prison located in the town of Bedford, England. Though no longer the old fortress it once was, it still plays an essential role in the UK’s legal system. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Belmarsh Prison

The living conditions within Belmarsh aim to maintain a fine balance between security and rehabilitative support. The standards of accommodation here are largely dependent on the category of prisoner. Continue Reading

Berwyn Prison: An Overview of Life and Facilities

With a capacity to house over 2,000 prisoners, Berwyn stands as one of the largest prisons not only in the UK but in the whole of Europe. The prison itself is divided into three blocks – Alwen, Bala and Ceiriog. Continue Reading

Life Inside Birmingham Prison

Those sentenced to time in Birmingham Prison can expect a regimented daily routine. Inmates are usually out of their cells for around seven hours a day during the week, which decreases over the weekend. Continue Reading

Life and Conditions in Brinsford Prison

Brinsford Prison, located near Wolverhampton, is a male Young Offenders Institution and Remand Centre. It caters to inmates aged 18 to 21, along with adult male prisoners. Continue Reading

Living Conditions and Facilities at Bristol Prison

At Bristol Prison, providing a safe and secure environment for every inmate is the priority. Cells are neatly divided into two categories: singles and doubles. Every cell is aligned with basic sanitary facilities, including a toilet and a sink. Windows offer a glimpse of the outside world, while maintaining the secure boundaries of the institution. Continue Reading

Life and Conditions at Brixton Prison

Based in south London, this adult male prison has been functional since 1819. From its architecture to daily life, this page will give you an insight into the realities of Brixton. Continue Reading

Life and Conditions at Buckley Hall Prison

Prisoners at Buckley Hall are mostly housed in single cells, but there are some double cells as well. Each cell is equipped with a toilet, sink, television, and other basic items. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Forest Bank Prison

Forest Bank Prison, located in Manchester, UK, is a male private prison opened in 2000, managed by Sodexo Justice Services. It houses category B prisoners and offers a range of educational and training opportunities. Continue Reading

Foston Hall Prison and Young Offender Institution

Foston Hall is a closed-category women’s prison and young offender institution, housing female inmates who’ve breached the law, at a range of ages from juveniles to mature adults. Continue Reading

Life and Conditions at Frankland Prison

Welcome to our ‘Inside Look’ series, specifically focussed on Frankland Prison. Located in County Durham, this is one of the UK’s most high-security prisons, home to some of the country’s most infamous inmates. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Full Sutton Prison

Full Sutton Prison is a maximum-security facility for male inmates located in East Yorkshire, England, which became operational in 1987. The prison is known for its high levels of security and for housing some of the country’s most notorious criminals. Continue Reading

Living Conditions and Facilities at Garth Prison

Garth Prison is located in Ulnes Walton, Leyland, Lancashire. The prison is designed to accommodate category B adult male prisoners. Each prison wing has its own recreational and educational facilities, as well as access to healthcare. Continue Reading

Living Conditions and Facilities at Gartree Prison

Gartree Prison is a Category B Men’s prison located in the beautiful countryside of Leicestershire, constructed in 1965. Today, it has evolved into a leading establishment focused on long-term inmates serving life sentences. Continue Reading

Grendon & Springhill Prison: Facilities, Regime and Living Conditions

Grendon & Springhill Prison represent two distinct operational facilities within the UK prison system, each encompassing facets of the country’s efforts to effectively shift the focus from punishment to rehabilitation. Following, is a detailed description of the facilities, regime, and living conditions within these establishments. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Guys Marsh Prison

At Guys Marsh Prison, nestled in the quaint Dorset countryside, life is directed towards rehabilitation and culture of reform. The category C men’s facility is home to a diverse population and is designed with inclusivity and order in mind. Continue Reading

What is Hewell Prison Like?

Operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service under UK law, Hewell strives to offer an environment where prisoners can enhance their skills, advance in education, and prepare for reintegration into society. Continue Reading

Understanding the Difference Between Jail and Prison in the UK

Firstly, it is noteworthy that in the UK, the term ‘jail’ is not typically used in formal discourse. The term ‘prison’ predominantly speaks to institutions that house individuals who have been charged and convicted of crimes. Continue Reading

Life and Facilities at Wandsworth Prison

Wandsworth Prison is one of the most historically significant penitentiaries in the UK. Continue Reading

Find Your Nearest Prison Facility

Finding your nearest prison facility in the UK doesn’t have to be a headache. Our resourceful list below will guide you to the location, contact details, and relevant information about each prison. Continue Reading

How to Find Out Which Prison Someone is In

Finding out the specific prison where a person is being held can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure of how to navigate the system. Continue Reading

Unveiling the Most Feared Prisoner in the UK

Ever contemplated who you wouldn’t want to encounter in a UK prison? Perhaps, one of the most feared prisoners might be at the top of your list. Continue Reading

Who Funds Prisons in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, understanding where the funding for our prisons comes from is key when considering the broader aspects of our justice system. This page breaks down and simplifies who actually funds UK prisons. Continue Reading

he Origin and Meaning of the Term ‘Lags’

Understanding the roots and usage of the term ‘lags’ within the UK prison context is valuable for anyone aiming to better comprehend the shift of linguistic codes in our society. Continue Reading

the Inefficacies of Prison System in the UK

While the United Kingdom boasts of one of the oldest legal systems in the world, the same can’t be said about its prison system, which consistently reports inefficacies. Continue Reading

Why Prison Guards Officers in the UK are Referred to as ‘Screws’

In the UK prison system, the familiar term for a prison officer is “screw”. Ever wondered why? Continue Reading

Guide to Young Offender Institutions in the UK

One of the core elements of the UK’s justice system is its commitment to providing specific and appropriate interventions for young offenders. Continue Reading

Guide to Young Offenders Prisons

Are you looking to understand young offenders’ prisons in the UK? Our guide below was created to provide you with everything you need to know. Continue Reading

Understanding Category D Prisoners

Category D prisoners are generally there due to committing less severe crimes. Continue Reading

Understanding Category B Prisoners

It represents prisoners who do not need to be held in max security, but for whom escape still needs to be made very difficult. Continue Reading

Understanding Category C Prisoners

Category C prisoners are considered those who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who are not likely to make a determined escape attempt. Continue Reading

Understanding Category A Offences

A Category A offence is a classification, utilised within the UK prison system, for crimes deemed to be of the highest level of severity. Continue Reading

Is Vaping Allowed in Prisons? A Detailed Guide

In the United Kingdom, smoking in prisons has long been a subject of debate. A significant change was introduced back in 2016, when the Ministry of Justice announced new rules related to the use of e-cigarettes—commonly known as vaping—in prison facilities. Continue Reading

Bedtime Schedule for Prisoners in the UK

Understanding the Bedtime Schedule for Prisoners in the UK Continue Reading

Gym Facilities in UK Prisons

Many people may not realise that gym facilities are a key part of the prisoner rehabilitation process in the UK. Continue Reading

Luxuries and Amenities Available to Prisoners

When you think about life in prison, luxury doesn’t probably come to mind. However, the prison system in the UK offers amenities to ensure inmates have a humane experience while serving their sentences. Continue Reading

Understanding the Functioning of the UK Prison System

The UK prison system has a threefold mission: public safety, rehabilitation, and punishment. It may seem contradictory to reconcile rehabilitation with punishment. However, the UK prison system aims to strike that delicate balance. Continue Reading

Understanding Prison Recategorisation Process

Going to prison can be a confusing time, and one of the key things to understand is the prison recategorisation process. Continue Reading

Do Prisoners Have Access to Information About Their Visitors?

In the UK, the prison system seeks to strike a balance between maintaining the security of its institutions and the rights of its inmate population. One area of concern in the search for this balance is whether prisoners have access to information about their visitors. Continue Reading

Can a Prisoner Call Anyone?

Understanding telephone privileges in UK prisons can seem like a complex task. In this guide, we aim to address the fundamental question: Can a prisoner call anyone? Continue Reading

Guidelines for Obtaining a Prison Transfer

Securing a prison transfer can seem overwhelming, but knowing the correct steps and adhering to them can make the process easier. Continue Reading

Essential Survival Guide for Prison Life

When you’re facing a prison sentence in the UK, life can seem overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. This essential survival guide aims to help prepare you for life behind bars, so you can navigate the system and adapt more effectively. Continue Reading

Initial Phone Call Procedures in UK Prisons

In the interest of maintaining family connections and supportive structures, UK prisons allow prisoners to make outbound calls. After the initial period of reception, prisoners are provided an opportunity to make a telephone call. Continue Reading

Exploring Life Inside: A Documentary on UK Prisons

Welcome to our page dedicated to Exploring Life Inside: A Documentary on UK Prisons. Continue Reading

Items Permitted in UK Prisons

In the UK, prisons have specific rules governing which items are permitted for inmates. These regulations aim to uphold safety, maintain order, and facilitate rehabilitation. Continue Reading

Legal Aid Guide for Prisoners

Understanding Legal Aid is crucial for prisoners in the UK. It offers financial assistance to cover legal expenses. The UK legal system can be complex, but knowing how to navigate it can help secure a fair trial for those who can’t afford legal representation. Continue Reading

Understanding Life Inside a British Prison

Every prison in the UK has a structured daily routine to maintain discipline and order. Depending on the prison and its regime, the typical day includes roll calls, breakfast, education or work, exercise, meals, and lock-up time. Continue Reading

Daily Life in Wandsworth Prison

Wandsworth Prison, often referred to as the ‘Wanno’, is one of the largest and most well-known prisons in the United Kingdom. Located in Southwest London, this men’s reformation centre gives us a quintessential snapshot of prison life within the British penal system. Continue Reading

Information on Lucy Letby’s Prison Sentence and Incarceration

Lucy Letby, a former nurse at the Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit in the UK, was charged and convicted in a case that has received an enormous amount of public attention. Continue Reading

Understanding Minimum and Suspended Sentences

Understanding prison sentencing can be a daunting task, but it’s a crucial part of the process that can directly affect someone’s life. In this section, we will shed light on Minimum and Suspended Sentences. Continue Reading

Changing Prisons: Procedures & What to Expect

Understanding the procedures, expectations, and the process of changing prisons in the United Kingdom can greatly ease the transition for prisoners and concerned family members alike. This guide will take you through the key points. Continue Reading

Exploring the New Early Release Scheme for Prisoners

Before delving into the details, it is important to note that the New Early Release Scheme is so much more than a simple ‘get out of jail early’ card. It is part of a broader effort to rehabilitate prisoners and reduce reoffending rates. Continue Reading

Comprehensive List of Crimes and Associated Sentences

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crimes and their associated sentences in the United Kingdom. Continue Reading

Guide to London Prisons

London is home to an astonishing number of prisons where individuals serve their sentences under UK law. Continue Reading

Open Prisons: Facilities, Eligibility and Daily Life

Open prisons play a crucial role in the UK’s prison system, offering an alternative type of incarceration that encourages rehabilitation and preparation for life outside the prison walls. Continue Reading

Preparing for a Prison Term

Preparing for a prison term can be an exceptionally challenging experience, but there is essential knowledge and practical tips that can help you get through the process. Continue Reading

Prison Adjudications: Procedure and Consequences

Understanding prison adjudications in the UK is imperative for inmates, their families, support groups, and even legal professionals. Continue Reading

Understanding the Duration of Prison Sentences in the UK

Understanding the duration of prison sentences in the UK can be complex, yet it’s important knowledge for everyone. Continue Reading

Understanding the Process of Making Prison Hooch

Prison life in the UK, just as elsewhere, can be a challenging experience. Among those challenges is the fact that alcohol is strictly prohibited. However, in order to obtain this forbidden fruit, inmates often resort to making their own homemade alcohol, commonly known as prison hooch. Continue Reading

Maximum Financial Allowance for Prisoners in the UK

In the UK, understanding the financial allowances of prisoners can provide a clearer picture of their life behind bars. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the maximum financial allowance for UK-based prisoners. Continue Reading

Annual Cost of Keeping a Prisoner in the UK

Every year, the UK prison system operates at an enormous cost. It is estimated that the annual cost of maintaining an inmate in a UK prison is vast. Continue Reading

Overview of the Prison and Probation Ombudsman Services

The Prison and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) services are an integral part of the UK’s criminal justice system. Continue Reading

Guide to a Career as a Prison Architect

It’s a unique field, dedicated to designing spaces that are secure and able to cater to the needs of both the prisoners and the prison staff. Continue Reading

Prison Canteen Services and Facilities

In the UK, prison canteen services act as the in-house supermarket system that allows inmates to purchase goods. Items can range from food and drink to toiletries and stationery. Continue Reading

Understanding Categories of Prisons

When discussing UK prisons, it’s crucial to understand their classification system known as ‘Categories’. Continue Reading

Understanding Prison Categorisation: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding British prison categorisation might seem overwhelming at first, but our comprehensive guide brings you all the necessary data in a simple and friendly manner. Continue Reading

Inside a Prison Cell

When you think about a prison cell, your mind might fill with images of cold concrete, barred windows, and cramped spaces. However, the true scene inside a UK prison cell might surprise you. Continue Reading

Role and Services of Prison Chaplains

Prison chaplains hold a special place within UK correctional facilities. They serve a multitude of roles, providing spiritual, emotional, and sometimes physical support to inmates, no matter their faith or belief system. Continue Reading

Supportive Charities for Inmates and Ex-Prisoners

The transition from prison life to the outside world can be incredibly challenging. But, with the support of dedicated charities catering to the needs of former prisoners, this journey can become navigable. Continue Reading

Understanding the Prison Complaints Procedure

If you are a UK prisoner and feel wronged by a person or situation while in custody, it is your right to initiate the Prison Complaints Procedure. Continue Reading

Consequences of Non-payment of Council Tax

If you’ve found yourself with an unpaid Council Tax bill, it’s crucial to understand the potential repercussions – which, in extreme cases, can include a prison sentence. Continue Reading

Guide to Prisons for Sex Offenders and Understanding Sex Offences

This informative resource aims to provide insight into how the UK’s penal system handles individuals convicted of sexual misconduct, the relevant legal information, and rehabilitation practices. Continue Reading

Penalties and Prison Sentences for Speeding Offences

Driving above the speed limit is a common offence in the UK. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also against the law. It is important to understand the penalties and prison sentences for speeding offences. Continue Reading

Comprehensive Guide to Prisons in the UK

Through this guide, we aim to provide precise, concise, and relevant information about the UK prison system. Continue Reading

Support and Resources for Inmates and Families

Understanding the challenges and questions you may experience when a loved one is incarcerated in the UK, we’ve created this guide to provide support and resources for both inmates and their families. Continue Reading

Prison Home Leave Rules and Regulations

In the UK, prison home leave, also known as Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL), is a privilege granted to some prisoners, contributing to their rehabilitation process. Continue Reading

Prison-Based Accommodation in the UK

The UK prison system consists of four primary types of accommodation. Each of these is designed to provide different levels of security and rehabilitation programs. Continue Reading

the Prison Induction Process

When an individual first enters prison, they go through a process known as the prison induction process. Continue Reading

Unisex Prisons in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the prison system is predominantly segregated by gender, meaning there are separate institutions for men and women. Continue Reading

Appealing a Prison Sentence

Understanding the prison sentence appeal process and your rights within it can often seem daunting. This guide aims to provide clear, concise information tailored specifically to UK law. Continue Reading

Are Prison Phone Calls Recorded?

Have you ever wondered, “Are prison phone calls recorded?”. Continue Reading

Are Prisoners Allowed Phones

Have you ever wondered, “Are prison phone calls recorded?”. Continue Reading

Overcrowding Situation in UK Prisons

Examining the overcrowding situation in UK prisons. Continue Reading

Arrival at Prison

When you first arrive at prison in the UK, it can be a daunting and confusing experience. Continue Reading

Top-Rated Prisons in the United Kingdom

When it comes to prisons in the United Kingdom, not all are created equal. Continue Reading

Can a Prisoner Attend a Funeral?

It’s not uncommon for individuals serving a prison sentence to lose a loved one while in incarceration. Continue Reading

Voting Rights for Prisoners

In the United Kingdom, voting rights for prisoners is an issue that sparks a lot of debate. Continue Reading

Can You Go to Prison for Benefit Fraud?

In the UK, benefit fraud is considered a serious offence that is punishable by law. Continue Reading

Understanding Sentence Reduction in Prisons

When it comes to the British correctional system, sentence reduction in prisons is a topic that’s often surrounded by misconceptions. Continue Reading

Do Prisoners Have TV in Their Cells in the UK

In the UK, inmates do have the privilege of having a specific type of TV in their cells. However, it’s not as straightforward as one might think. Continue Reading

Do Prisoners in the UK Have Access to Phones?

Yes, inmates in UK prisons do have access to phones. However, it’s not quite as straightforward as it is for people on the outside. Continue Reading
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