Experiencing Christmas Behind Bars: A Glimpse Into the Festive Season for UK Prisoners

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For most people across the globe, Christmas is a time of unity, conviviality, and festivity. But what about the one group that society often forgets about–the men and women spending their festive season in the UK prison system? This piece uncovers the intriguing reality of what it’s like to experience Christmas behind the hustle and bustle of the UK penal system.

The traditions of celebrations in prisons have always been a controversial subject in the UK. Some believe that inmates should not be allowed to have the same joyous experiences as citizens outside of jail during this special time, while others argue that prisoners are human too, and thus, are entitled to some Christmas cheer.

The Run-Up to Christmas in UK Prisons:

This period is traditionally busy in most UK prisons, with inmates and prison officers collaborating to ensure the festive season feels a little special within the prison walls. Decorative murals, festive drawings, cards, and other craft projects tend to find their way onto cell walls and communal areas.

Many prisons also recognize the importance of maintaining familial ties during this period and often organize special visiting days for families to spend time with their incarcerated loved ones. For some of the inmates, these visits could be their only outside communication during the whole year.

Festive Food: A Taste of Home Behind Bars

Prison authorities understand the importance of food in a traditional Christmas celebration. Hence, efforts are made to provide a modified version of the usual Christmas dinner that most UK homes will be enjoying. Turkey, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and of course, Christmas puddings figure prominently on the festive menu.

Christmas Day in Prison:

Christmas Day behind bars begins like any other day—with count and roll call. Once this formal procedure is out of the way, inmates often celebrate with the exchange of handmade gifts, before sitting down for their festive meal in the late afternoon. Some prisons also arrange special activities like football matches or festive film screenings to raise spirits.

However, it’s crucial to remember that not all is jollity and cheer. The feeling of isolation can be more acute during this period as inmates are reminded of their separation from loved ones and usual home comforts.

Bestowing Gifts:

A tradition that usually sparks poignant reactions in prisons across the UK is the exchanging of gifts amongst inmates. Presents are typically modest, often handmade by the prisoners themselves and are indeed, a touching reminder of the humanity behind bars.

Church Services:

Religion can provide a significant source of solace for many prisoners, and Christmas is no different. A special festive Church service is usually held inside the prison, allowing inmates time for reflection and prayers.

Staying Connected with the Outside World:

While efforts are made to bring some festive joy into the prisons, it is important to remember that inmates are serving punishments for their crimes and not all will have the privilege of regular communication with the outside world.

Recognizing the significance of communication for the inmates’ mental health, some UK prisons permit inmates to record messages to their loved ones. These small, yet personalized communications help to strengthen familial ties and also play a part in successfully reintegrating prisoners back into the community.

Christmas behind bars may never equal the joyous celebrations enjoyed by most in the UK, but nonetheless, it’s a poignant reminder of humanity’s resilience and the capacity for hope in the darkest of situations.

The Christmas period, surrounded by prison bars and filled with mixed emotions, may vary significantly from the classic festive season we’re accustomed to. However, we should remember that at the heart of every UK prison’s holiday celebrations lies the same ethos that drives the rest of us this festive season – togetherness, recognition, giving, and hope.

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