Essential Items to Bring for a Prison Visit

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When you’re visiting a loved one in prison, you’re bound to have questions about what you can bring. At UK Prison Info, we understand the importance of having accurate information. This guide outlines the key items to bring for a prison visit in the UK. Remember: rules can vary from prison to prison. It’s a good idea to always double-check with the facility before your visit.

Essential Identification

All visitors must provide valid identification. Following documents are generally accepted:

  1. Passport – It’s internationally recognized, and accurately identifies its holder.
  2. Driver’s License – This card shows your photo and details recorded by the Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA).
  3. Official Letters – Letters from government bodies like HMRC or DWP, these must be less than 3 months old.
  4. Employment or Student ID Card – The card should have your photo and the name of the employer or institution.

Children under 18 don’t need ID but must be accompanied by an adult with valid identification.

Appropriate Clothing

You must wear modest and suitable clothing. Each prison has a policy regarding acceptable clothing, but here are general recommendations:

  • Avoid transparent or revealing clothing.
  • Offensive prints or logos should not be displayed.
  • Hats and scarves may need to be removed.

When in doubt, consider contacting the prison for specifics on their dress code.

Items for infants

If you’re bringing a baby, the prison allows certain items to be taken into the visit:

  1. Clear transparent bag containing nappies and wipes.
  2. Pre-made feed in a clear plastic bottle.
  3. Sealed baby food.
  4. A teething ring or comforter.

Remember all items should be in clear containers or bags.

Prohibited Items

For safety and security, certain items are strictly prohibited:

  • Illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol.
  • Weapons including pocket knives and sharp objects.
  • Recording equipment and cameras.
  • Mobile phones and electronic devices.
  • Large sums of money.
  • Gifts or packages for the prisoner.

These rules are crucial to maintain safety and order within the prison facility.

Depositing Money

It’s no longer possible to hand over money during visits. Deposits should be made via the Prison Money Service. You must know the prisoner’s prison number and surname to deposit money.

Locker Facilities

Prisons offer locker facilities to store personal items during your visit. However, availability can be restricted, so only bring necessities.

Final Thoughts

Visiting a prison can be intimidating, but familiarising yourself with these essentials can help make the process smoother. Bear in mind the needs of the inmate and follow the regulations outlined by the prison. Above all, remember each visit plays a vital role in supporting your loved one’s rehabilitation process.

For detailed information about individual UK prison regulations, please check our specific prison guide pages. Each guide covers a comprehensive review of rules, visiting hours, and facilities available for each prison in the UK. We’re here to provide accurate, up-to-date information, making your prison visit easier.

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