What Items are Prisoners Allowed to Have in Jail?

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Understanding the items a prisoner can possess while serving their sentence is key to ensuring their comfort, health, and well-being. This guide will detail what inmates are allowed to have in UK prisons.

Personal Items & Clothing

  • Civilian clothing, within reason (specific guidelines vary by prison)
  • Reading glasses
  • Crucifix, rosary beads or other religious symbols
  • Plain wedding band, with no stones
  • Personal photographs (limited number)

Food and Toiletries

  • Food bought from the prison canteen
  • Basic toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap
  • Specially approved dietary supplements
  • Non-alcoholic drinks purchased in the canteen

Communications & Entertainment

  • Letters, subject to censorship
  • Stamps and stationery
  • Certain books and educational materials
  • Radio or television (rented or bought from prison)
  • Playing cards or chess board

Understandably, safety and security concerns limit the personal items prisoners can have. These restrictions protect prisoners, staff, and visitors. Items help maintain prisoner morale and mental health, while not compromising prison security.

A Note on Money in Prisons

UK prisoners cannot hold cash, but instead they have a prison bank account. Money sent by family/friends is deposited here, and prisoners use these funds to buy goods from the prison canteen.

Receiving and Sending Items

Rules for sending and receiving items in UK prisons vary per institution. Generally, prisoners can receive items via post, but they are strictly checked before handed over to the recipient.

Remember these rules/guidelines can change and may be different in certain prison institutions. Always check the specific rules of the facility where your loved one is being held. It is crucial to respect these rules to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in the prison.

General Prison Rules Regarding Property

UK prisons have general rules regarding property. Prisoners are legally responsible for their personal belongings. Stolen items are often not replaced or compensated. In UK prisons, trading, bartering, or selling personal possessions is strictly forbidden.

Note: this guide offers advice under normal circumstances. Special restrictions may apply in high-security units or for prisoners under segregation. Always check the specific rules of the facility where your loved one is being held.

Understanding what prisoners can and cannot possess is important. It helps maintain security, well-being, and the overall efficient operation of the prison. We hope this guide provides useful information for prisoners and their loved ones on what items are allowed in UK prisons.

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