Preparing Your Essentials: What to Pack in Your Prison Bag

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Being sent to prison is a difficult and challenging experience. This page discusses the essentials you should pack in your prison bag when preparing for incarceration in the UK. Being prepared can help you to adjust more easily to prison life.

Uniform: Once in prison, you will be required to wear a standard prison uniform. However, you can take some of your own clothes for court appearances. Suit, tie, and shoes are recommended. Note, clothing should be smart and respectful.

Personal Items: Personal items can offer comfort and a connection to the world outside. You may consider packing photographs of loved ones, written addresses and contact details of friends and family, and a wristwatch. It’s advised to not take expensive or sentimental items as there’s a risk of them being stolen or lost.

Mental Stimulation: Prison can be a place of reflection and self-improvement. Consider packing books, writing materials, educational materials, and religious texts. These can provide mental stimulation and a constructive way to pass the time. Beware of explicit material or content that could provoke others; such material will be confiscated.

Hygiene Products: Hygiene is important for physical health and well-being. Pack travel-sized toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap, provided they meet prison regulations. Razors and other sharp objects are not allowed for security reasons.

Healthcare: All prisons have healthcare facilities. However, if you require specific non-prescription medication or have a particular medical need, make sure to take these items with you. Do not assume that they will have your specific, required medical items.

Note, the amount of property you can have in prison is limited. All items will be checked on arrival and anything deemed as not suitable will be confiscated. Also, different prisons have different rules. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with the specific prison before packing your bag.

Money: You can’t take cash into prison but you can have money sent in. This can be used to buy items from the prison shop. It’s good to arrange for loved ones to know how to do this once you are inside.

This concludes our guide on what to pack in your prison bag before going to prison in the UK. Remember, prison can be a time for reflection, growth, and personal development. Being prepared can help you make the most of this experience and make it a little less daunting.

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