Possible Prisons for the Chrisleys: An Insight

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In the world of reality TV, few families are as prominent as the Chrisleys. Known for their lavish lifestyle and Southern charm, the family is at the centre of an ongoing tax evasion scandal. The question now is: if found guilty, where might the Chrisleys end up serving time? Let’s delve into some of the possible prisons they could end up at in the UK.

HMP Wandsworth is one of the largest prisons in the UK and one of the most well-known in terms of population and history.

  • Capacity: 1456 prisoners
  • Design: Victorian era, three main wings radiating from central control hub
  • Notable Inmates: Charles Bronson, Keith Richards

The prison is known for its high-profile inmates and has a reputation for being tough, which may be a shock to the Chrisleys if they were to be sent here.

Another possibility is HMP Belmarsh, known for housing high-profile and dangerous criminals.

  • Capacity: 906 prisoners
  • Design: Modern, large, high-security complex
  • Notable Inmates: Abu Qatada, Julian Assange

Belmarsh is notorious for its high security, and has been referred to as the UK version of Guantanamo Bay, due to its use for holding terror suspects.

HMP Altcourse is in Liverpool and might be a compilation for the Chrisleys given the focus on rehabilitation and its modern facilities.

  • Capacity: 1320 prisoners
  • Design: Modern, several residential units
  • Notable Inmates: Michael Taylor, Anthony Downes

Altcourse adheres to the Incentives and Earned Privileges scheme, which rewards good behavior with various benefits, making it slightly less daunting as a prospect.

At the extreme end of the scale, we have HMP Wakefield, known as the ‘Monster Mansion’.

  • Capacity: 751 prisoners
  • Design: Victorian era, multiple wings and an extensive healthcare facility
  • Notable Inmates: Charles Bronson, Harold Shipman

Wakefield houses some of the country’s most dangerous criminals, so isn’t likely for the Chrisleys but is still a possibility that can’t be ignored.

Finally, there’s HMP Low Newton, situated in the North East of England.

  • Capacity: 336 prisoners
  • Design: Closed conditions, female prisoners only
  • Notable Inmates: Rosemary West, Tracey Connelly

As this is a female-only prison, it could potentially be a destination for Julie Chrisley if she were to be convicted and sentenced to prison.

While the future is uncertain for the Chrisleys, these are just a few of the potential UK prisons they could end up in. However, it’s important to remember that any sentencing will ultimately depend on the exact charges and the outcome of their trial.

Prison life in the UK has a reputation for being challenging, but it also varies greatly from facility to facility. The above-listed institutions offer a glimpse at the diverse range of prisons available in the UK, each with its unique character, history, and regime, which all significantly impact the lives of those serving time inside.

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