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Get information on prison and prison life.

Prison info was setup to provide advice to those facing a sentence & for their families.

We will help you understand what prison is like from those that have served sentences - such as what to take to prison, prison information and help.
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What we do

Going through the UK Justice System is one of the most scary and daunting chapters in a persons life, especially if this is the first time you have ever been in trouble before.

We provide information and advice on prison life, from people who have served time - providing real and authentic advice for those themselves that are facing time. We want to help and prepare those about to serve, so you can be as prepared as can be before starting the sentence. We also know what its like for family members of those about to serve and how difficult it can be to find out what to do.

First time facing prison?

If you are facing prison for the first time, you probably have plenty of questions - many of which have little information available.

Questions such as:
What is prison like?
What will your first cell mate be like?
What are the conditions like in Prison?
What to eat in Prison?
How to get prison visits?
What are the cells like in Prison?
How to make phone calls?
How to request a Prison Transfer?

We have built a list of common questions & advice on our FAQ Page.

We have these questioned answered, from prisoners that have served time and know exactly what you are going through - prisoners that are family men, never been in trouble before but somehow ended up in Prison.

Prison Advice

If you are facing a prison sentence, or you are a family member looking for information on what prison is actually like - from people that have served time.

Check out our information page for common questions and answers - Prison Information

We have a number of comprehensive guides and support packages available in our shop:

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