Can a Prisoner Call Anyone? Understanding Inmate Call Policies

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Understanding telephone privileges in UK prisons can seem like a complex task. In this guide, we aim to address the fundamental question: Can a prisoner call anyone? The short answer is no, but there’s more to this than meets eye. So, let’s delve deeper into the inmate call policies of the United Kingdom.

Firstly, a prisoner does not have an inherent right to make phone calls, but at the discretion of prison authorities, they may be granted telephone privileges. It indeed plays a significant role in maintaining their relationships with the outside world.

Who can a prisoner call?

Not just anyone can be on the approved call list of an inmate. Here are some specifics.

  1. Family members are usually allowed.
  2. Legal advisers can be contacted.
  3. Social workers may also be on the call list.
  4. Approved friends might be given the nod.

However, some exceptions make it impossible for inmates to call just anyone.

Call restrictions ‒ Who is off limits?

There are clear restrictions in place to ensure calls don’t facilitate further criminal activity. The following groups are typically ineligible to receive calls from prisoners.

  1. Victims of the prisoner’s crimes.
  2. Fellow inmates, even in other prisons.
  3. Restricted numbers – businesses, payphones, switchboards and so on.
  4. Unapproved contacts or any numbers not on the approved list.

How are the approved callers decided?

The process of selecting approved callers often involves:

  1. The prisoner providing a list of potential phone numbers.
  2. Prison authorities assessing and approving/rejecting each number based on relevance and security concern.

Financial implications

Prisoners must pay for their own calls which are charged at a standard rate, but they do receive a small weekly allowance for this purpose. Additionally, charges for calls are higher than for regular landline calls.

Call monitoring in UK prisons

Most prisoner phone calls can, and are, recorded and possibly monitored. Exceptions are calls to court, legal advisors, and the Samaritans. This is part of prison security and intelligence.

Lastly, telephone privileges, like any other prison benefit, can be lost as a disciplinary measure.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on the question of “Can a prisoner call anyone?” in the context of UK prisons. It’s a balance between enabling communication and ensuring secure operations.

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