Inside Look: Life and Facilities at Styal Prison

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Styal Prison:

Located in the village of Styal, Cheshire, this prison spells out a unique blend of history and regulations playing a pivotal role in the UK’s correctional system. Initially established as a residence for Manchester’s impoverished population, the main building now houses a population of approximately 460 female inmates.


  1. Type of Prison: Styal Prison is exclusively for female offenders and is categorised as a Closed Category prison. It services courts across the Greater Manchester and Merseyside regions.
  2. Size and Capacity: The prison’s capacity stands around 460 and is spread across six main residential units.

Inside Styal Prison:

  • Living Conditions: Depending on their status or behaviour, inmates live in single or double cells. Each cell is equipped with a television, kettle, and basic necessities. There are common lounge areas where inmates can socialise.
  • Work and Education: Styal offers a range of education and vocational training courses to the inmates. These include basic literacy and numeracy skills, advanced-level courses, vocational training, and personal development programs. Art, gardening, cookery and music are also encouraged.
  • Healthcare: Styal Prison takes care of inmates’ physical and mental health through an in-house healthcare centre. Regular health check-ups, dental care, and mental health counselling are provided.
  • Visiting Hours: Visits at Styal typically occur for a period of two hours. The exact visiting times vary based on the living unit the inmate is housed in.

Challenges and Improvements:

Styal Prison, like many UK prisons, faces challenges such as overcrowding and drug abuse among inmates. However, consistent efforts are being made to improve conditions. Recently implemented initiatives aimed at reducing self-harm and improving mental health support have shown positive results.


Styal Prison stands as a testament to the UK’s efforts in achieving its correctional goals. Whether or not you are seeking to understand the life of a loved one within its walls, this inside look offers a glimpse into daily life and facilities at Styal Prison.

Please note, while efforts are made to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate, directly contacting the prison remains the most reliable source of information.

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