Inside Look: Life and Facilities at Askham Grange Prison

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Welcome to a behind the scenes look at life and facilities inside Askham Grange Prison, a unique prison found within the UK. In this page, we’ll talk about the day-to-day life of inmates, and the amenities they can use during their time inside Askham Grange Prison.

Askham Grange Prison is an open category prison located in Askham Richard, a village near York. This establishment is one of only 12 female prisons in the UK and offers its inmates distinctive surroundings and a distinct approach to rehabilitation.

The prison is renowned for focusing on the rehabilitation of its inmates, preparing them for life post-release. The end goal is to reduce reoffending and to reintegrate the women into the society successfully.

Facilities Inside Askham Grange Prison

The facilities available at Askham Grange are unique, boasting a number of resources to aid inmate rehabilitation.

  • Education and Work: Askham Grange provides many educational opportunities, from basic skills like English and Mathematics to higher education courses. The prison also teaches vocational skills – including IT and horticulture.
  • Healthcare: Comprehensive medical services are available, addressing both physical and mental health issues.
  • Family Support: Facilities are provided to maintain and develop parenting skills and relationships with family members.

Day-to-Day Life in Askham Grange Prison

Life inside Askham Grange Prison is structured around rehabilitation, work, and family ties.

  1. Working Life: Inmates typically work in the kitchens, gardens, or on external placements. These jobs equip them with skills and work ethics that are beneficial after their release.
  2. Visits: The prison places emphasis on maintaining family ties. Regular family visits are scheduled and a dedicated Family Day is held occasionally.
  3. Rehabilitation programs: Various rehabilitation programs are undertaken including drug rehabilitation, cognitive behavioral programs, and courses focusing on reducing violence and improving decision-making skills.

It is important to understand that Askham Grange Prison is designed to encourage the inmates to take control of their lives and make positive changes. The aim is not just to punish, but to instill a sense of responsibility and positive societal values.

Overall, Askham Grange offers a unique prison experience with its focus on preparing inmates for life post release. For many inmates, this establishment offers opportunity for redemption and the chance to rebuild their lives.

By providing an inside look into the life and facilities at Askham Grange, we hope to demystify the reality of life in prison and highlight the UK’s commitment to effective rehabilitation as opposed to pure retribution.

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