Inside Look: Life and Facilities at Forest Bank Prison

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Forest Bank Prison, located in Manchester, UK, is a male private prison opened in 2000, managed by Sodexo Justice Services. It houses category B prisoners and offers a range of educational and training opportunities. Let’s explore the experiences that define life and facilities at Forest Bank Prison.

Living Quarters:

The prison has a mixture of single, double, and dormitory style cells, each equipped with basic facilities such as a bed, storage space and a toilet. The cells are clean, warm, and designed to provide the inmates with privacy and dignity.

Food and Catering:

Forest Bank offers a variety of meals catering to dietary needs, cultural preferences, and religious significance. Inmates can choose their meals from a four-week rotating menu, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet is available.

Safety and Security:

Sodexo Justice Services implements a robust security protocol within Forest Bank. The prison utilises CCTV, rigorous search procedures, and high perimeter walls. Forest Bank’s safety measures adhere to the standards set by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

Education Provision:

In association with Novus, the prison offers various educational programs including literacy, numeracy, vocational training, and higher education opportunities. Further, the prison encourages participation in artistic endeavours such as music, drama, and art.

Employment Opportunities:

Inmates are afforded the opportunity to work on-site in areas such as kitchen duties, laundry, waste management and other on-site work placements. They also engage with external employers and support groups for post-release employment prospects.


Forest Bank provides round-the-clock healthcare services. It’s equipped with a 24-hour healthcare centre and offers regular access to a variety of specialists including dentists, opticians, and mental health professionals.

Visiting Hours:

Forest Bank encourages maintaining strong family ties and permits visits. Visits need to be pre-booked and adhere to specific hours. Current visiting hours can be found on the official Forest Bank Prison website.

Social Rehabilitation Programs:

Various rehabilitation programs such as the Thinking Skills Program (TSP) and Resolve Program are available. They focus on enhancing social behaviour, reducing reoffending, and community reintegration.

To sum up, Forest Bank Prison endeavours to provide a safe, respectful and developmental environment for inmates, gearing them towards a positive post-incarceration life. Stay tuned as we further delve into the various aspects of UK’s prison system in our upcoming posts.”

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