A Guide for Women Facing Prison for the First Time

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Preparing for prison can be a daunting experience, especially for women who are facing incarceration for the first time. This guide aims to provide practical and helpful information to make the process less overwhelming.

Understanding Prison Life: An Overview

In UK prisons, the average day starts early with morning roll call. This will be followed by breakfast, work, education, exercise, and other activities. Remember that like any other institutions, prisons uphold rules and regulations that all inmates must follow.

Before Reporting to Prison

Before reporting to prison, take the time to arrange your personal affairs. This includes informing your employer of your situation, ensuring your children will be cared for and sorting out any housing issues.

In-Prison Support Networks

Upon your arrival, you will be assessed by a range of professionals such as psychologists, health care providers, and prison officers. Their main goal is to ensure your well-being and adjustment to the new environment.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Prisons offer both physical and mental health services to inmates. Make sure to utilise these resources if ever you find the need to seek professional help.

Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are generally allowed in all prisons. Loved ones, including children, are usually allowed to visit during allotted visitation hours. Understanding these rights before reporting to prison will allow you to inform your family and plan accordingly.

Maintaining Contact Outside Prison

Besides visits, maintaining contact with the outside world can be carried out through letters and telephone calls. Note that all correspondence is subject to security checks.

Sentencing and Release Dates

Be aware of your sentence length and likely release date. Under UK law, most prisoners will be automatically released halfway through their sentence. Knowing this information will be helpful in planning your release and reintegration back into society.

We hope this guide proves helpful in your journey and remember, it is always crucial to focus on rehabilitation and personal growth during your time inside. This period can be difficult, but it also offers an opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for a successful life upon release.

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