Can You Smoke In Prison?

Is smoking permitted for inmates when they are incarcerated? Inside the prison, smoking is not permitted. It is no longer possible to purchase tobacco products in any of England's correctional facilities, and all prisons have adopted a no-smoking policy.

On April 30, 2018, the Health and Social Care Select Committee oversaw the transition of the final two prisons to a smoke-free environment. With this, the United Kingdom's penal system became the largest smoke-free prison estate in all of western Europe.

All of this was a part of a larger effort on the part of the public health department to address issues over the welfare and health of the inmates.

Because to the close quarters, inadequate ventilation, and the fact that prisoners in the UK have to share cells. Especially considering that the percentage of smokers behind bars is far greater than the national average in the UK. Eighty percent of inmates were heavy smokers.

What options do I have as a Smoker?

Vaping is an alternative that is available to inmates. A vape pen and vape capsules are both available for purchase at the canteen.

Tobacco can still be purchased on the underground market inside the correctional facilities, but the price is exorbitant. In order to continue to be able to light up, several detainees have modified their vape pens into lighters, despite the fact that this practise was also made illegal at the same time as smoking.

In some prisons, vape capsules are utilised as a form of currency that may be exchanged for other things, even some that are considered illegal.

The high demand and limited supply of cigarettes contribute significantly to the high rate of violence that occurs within prisons.
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