Getting Beaten Up In Prison

Everyone believes that if you are weak in prison and don't know how to handle yourself, you will be beaten up.

Trouble doesn't usually come looking for you in prison! If you keep to yourself and don't get involved in other people's businesses, gangs, drugs, debt, or taking items that aren't yours, you shouldn't get yourself into any trouble within prison.

Remember, you must begin at the bottom and work your way up through the prison system. You normally start on an induction wing, so everyone on that wing is new and presumably feels the same way you do; yes, there will be some veterans in for another stretch, but there will also be others who feel the same way you do!

Your all in the same boat

Even if they don't express it, they are experiencing the same fears and feelings as you! The majority of fights I witnessed in prison were caused by something stolen, concerns from outside the institution, discussions that erupted, or built up rage after patience had worn thin. I rarely seen violence that was a random attack.

Do yourself some favour at the same time. Don't go around like a deer caught in the headlights. Keep your head up and have some presence on the wing; a few cheery 'hello's' or 'alright mates' as you walk past folks on landings will assist people get a sense of the character that you are.

Regardless of crime or whether you feel unfairly treated, guilty or not, we've all landed ourselves in the same place and want the same thing: to do our sentence as comfortably and swiftly as possible and return home.

What is the cheapest way to call from Prison?

It is by far cheaper to call landline numbers - however landlines are becoming less common in homes & it is by far more convenient to call your loved ones mobile incase you are calling when they aren't at home. Our call packages gives you the best of both worlds - landline call pricing, but the prisoner can call you on your mobile!

Is it cheaper to call a landline from prison?

Most definitely - YES! Mobiles can cost over 25p per minute, the precious phone credit runs out very fast! Our unlimited prison calls package saves money whilst adding the convenience of being able to pickup calls on your mobile.
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