Mobile Phones Usage and Policies in Prisons

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Mobile phones are a hot topic in the context of UK prisons. The use of mobiles in prison settings raises all sorts of questions and concerns. This page from our Prison Information Website aims to put you in the know about the rules, regulations, and policies surrounding mobile phone usage in prisons in the United Kingdom.

Policies on Mobile Phone Usage in UK Prisons:

Inmate access to mobile phones is strictly prohibited in UK prisons. This rule is universal and applies across all correctional institutions in the country. The prohibition lowers the chance of illicit activities, helps maintain discipline and order, and aids stress-free management. Above all, it ensures the safety of inmates and staff alike.

Under the Prison Act 1952 and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, the use, or even possession, of a mobile device in prison, without explicit permission from the Prison Governor, is a serious offence. Any prisoner found guilty could face additional jail time.

Why is Mobile Phone Usage Prohibited?

The UK law restricts prisoner access to mobile phones for several reasons:

  • Preventing illicit activities.
  • Prohibiting the establishment of criminal networks while serving sentence.
  • Keeping a handle on information flow within the prison.
  • Avoiding undue influence or threats to the outside world.
  • Preventing corruption amongst prison staff and inmates.

Despite these laws, mobile phones often find their way into prisons. It’s a challenging issue for the UK Prison Service.

How Do Mobile Phones Enter the Prisons?

Mobile phones usually make their way into prisons via illegal methods. They might be smuggled in, dropped via drone, or handed off during visits. Some corrupt staff members might also be involved. It’s an ongoing challenge for law enforcement to control this influx.

Control Measures Against Mobile Phone Usage:

The UK Prison Service has implemented numerous strategies to combat mobile phone usage in prisons:

  1. Detection and Prevention Technology: Authorities use tech solutions to detect smuggled phones. They use portable electronic devices and advanced body scanners to screen inmates and their belongings.
  2. Increased Surveillance: Surveillance has been enhanced during visits and throughout prison premises.
  3. Inherent Physical Security: Physical security measures like high walls, CCTV, and tamper-proof bins have been reinforced.
  4. Stronger Penalties: Rules have tightened and penalties for mobile phone use have increased to deter inmates from smuggling or using them.

Authorized Communication Methods:

While direct mobile access is forbidden, prisoners aren’t completely cut-off. They can maintain contact with the outside world using following systems:

  • Pin-based phone system.
  • Written correspondence.
  • Scheduled visitations.

These approved communication channels are subject to surveillance to retain the integrity of the prison system. Yet, they provide a significant link for inmates to maintain their relationships and connection with society.

Reforms and Future Directions:

The UK Government constantly reviews its prison rules. It understands the need for a modernised communication system that would provide prisoners more freedom while ensuring the safety of public and prison staff.

To sum up, mobile phones are prohibited in UK prisons to prevent illicit activities, to maintain safety, discipline and order. Using or possessing a mobile phone in a prison is a serious offence and punishable by law. Though it’s challenging, prison authorities are consistently adopting measures to combat mobile phone smuggling and usage in prisons.

While prison policies restrict direct mobile phone access, inmates have authorised channels for communication. It ensures they remain connected with the world outside the prison walls. The UK Government is also focused on reforming its prison communication policies to meet the needs of a technologically advanced society.

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