Inside Look: Life and Facilities at Full Sutton Prison

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Full Sutton Prison is a maximum-security facility for male inmates located in East Yorkshire, England, which became operational in 1987. The prison is known for its high levels of security and for housing some of the country’s most notorious criminals.

This article dedicated to providing an inside look at Full Sutton Prison, exploring its facilities, life of inmates, and the regulations that govern its operation.

Facilities at Full Sutton Prison

Full Sutton Prison is equipped with numerous facilities for inmates’ welfare and rehabilitation. These include:

  • A state-of-art gym where inmates can stay physically fit.
  • An extensive library where they can broaden their knowledge and stay connected with the outside world.
  • Educational facilities that offer inmates an opportunity to attain skills and qualifications to prepare for their eventual release.
  • Workshops that focus on developing practical skills like woodwork, motor mechanics, and industrial cleaning.
  • The prison also houses a multi-faith chaplaincy, healthcare facilities, and ad hoc services that cater to prisoners’ dietary requirements, including kosher and halal meals.

Life inside Full Sutton Prison

Life inside Full Sutton Prison, as with any correctional facility, is marked with strict routines and stringent rules. Although it’s a high-security prison, Full Sutton prioritises prisoner rehabilitation, offering various opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

The prison follows a strict routine that includes roll-calls, time for meals, recreation time, and assigned work duties. In their free time, prisoners are allowed to socialise, exercise, or read. Regular visits from family and friends are also encouraged, and systems are in place to ensure regular contact through letters and phone calls.

Behaviour within Full Sutton is closely monitored, with any misdemeanours potentially affecting an inmate’s privileges. The facility employs various rehabilitation programmes, including substance misuse programs, and various therapies to help inmates lead a better life and prepare for reintegration into society post-release.

Healthcare at Full Sutton Prison

Full Sutton Prison has a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who provide medical services seen in normal community care. This includes mental health support, dentistry, optometry, and emergency care. The prison takes prisoner health and wellbeing very seriously and all inmates have access to the same care as one would outside prison.

Safety at Full Sutton Prison

Given that Full Sutton Prison houses some of the UK’s most serious offenders, safety is of utmost importance. The prison administration follows stringent protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of staff, inmates and visitors. This includes regular inspections, continuous monitoring, thorough vetting for visitors and staff, and extensive training for prison officers.

Educational Programs at Full Sutton Prison

Education sits at the core of the rehabilitation efforts at Full Sutton Prison. There are programs that cater to inmates based on their current levels of education and their personal interests. These range from basic literacy and numeracy classes, up to Open University degree courses. These efforts are geared toward increasing an inmate’s employability upon release.

Full Sutton Prison’s commitment to security, dignity, and respect, coupled with a strong focus on rehabilitation and reintegration, marks it out as one of the UK’s leading high-security facilities.

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