Inside Look: Living Conditions and Facilities at Altcourse Prison

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In serene Liverpool, you’ll find the Altcourse Prison, a facility committed to promoting rehabilitation and positive changes in the inmate population. The goal is to provide an environment conducive to reforming behaviour and turning a new leaf, hence the importance of the quality of living conditions. This article takes you through life inside Altcourse Prison.

Accommodation and Cells
The prison primarily houses men and consists of seven residential units divided into vulnerable prisoner unit, first-night centre, lifer unit, and young offenders’ unit.
The facilities include single and shared cells, all equipped with toilet facilities. Each cell has an emergency button for immediate assistance. Maximum occupancy never exceeds the design capacity for maintaining comfort and safety.

Prison Facilities
Altcourse Prison believes in providing useful services that help in positive engagement and ultimately in reform. It includes:

  • Educational Programs: In collaboration with The Manchester College, inmates are provided access to various courses.
  • Library: To promote reading and learning, there’s a well-stocked library managed by Sefton Library Services.
  • Chaplaincy: For spiritual and emotional well-being, the chaplaincy holds regular services for various religions.
  • Healthcare: A 24-hour healthcare service is provided, including mental health and substance misuse services.

Work and Vocational Training
Work is not just a way to spend time in Altcourse Prison. It’s an opportunity to learn new skills, engage positively with others, and prepare for life after release. Offenders can participate in a multitude of workshops such as:

  1. Gardening and Landscaping: Handling responsibilities in maintaining the prison grounds.
  2. Recycling: Managing the recycling hub of the prison.
  3. Barista Training: Training at the barista shop on-site, providing them with catering skills.

Food and Nutrition
Meals at Altcourse balance nutrition and taste. Menus rotate on a three-week cycle, giving the inmates plenty of variety while accommodating dietary, religious, and cultural restrictions.

Visitation Rights
Visitors are welcomed at Altcourse Prison. It encourages maintaining relationships with loved ones as it promotes stability, support, and rehabilitation. However, visits need to be pre-booked, and visitors must adhere to security checks and rules.

Safety Measures
Safety of both staff and inmates is a priority at Altcourse. The prison operates a Safer Custody team that provides support for prisoners with mental health issues and those at risk of self-harm. The team’s efforts have significantly reduced the instances of violence and unrest within the establishment.

Undeniably, Altcourse Prison gives an in-depth insight into what modern prisons in the UK aim to be. Beyond just being facilities for containment, they’ve evolved into centres that promote reform, learning, work, and well-being. The facilities and conditions provided are a testament to Altcourse Prison’s commitment to rehabilitation and constructive occupation.

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