Inside Look: Life and Facilities at Preston Prison

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Ever wondered what goes on inside a UK prison? This page is your inside look at Preston Prison, a local prison situated in the heart of Lancashire.

In operation since 1790, Preston Prison, officially known as HMP Preston, is one of the oldest prisons in the country. It houses over 800 male inmates and is a Category B prison. Category B prisons in the UK are for prisoners who do not need maximum security, but for whom escape must still be made difficult.

Location-wise, Preston Prison is just a short walk from Preston City Centre. With numerous bus routes passing by, reaching the prison is fairly straightforward.

So, what is life like inside Preston Prison? Here’s more on what facilities and services are available for the inmates:

  • Cell Accommodation: Most inmates at Preston Prison are housed in cells designed for two people, although some single accommodation is also available.
  • Healthcare: Preston Prison has a medical centre with full-time nursing staff and regular visits from GPs, dentists and opticians.
  • Education: The prison works with The Manchester College to provide educational support for inmates, offering courses in numeracy, literacy, IT, and more.
  • Workshops: There are numerous workshops providing productive work, such as industrial cleaning, printing and laundry services.
  • Sports and Recreation: The prison has a good variety of sports facilities, including a well-equipped gym and Sports Hall

Aside from the institution’s basic facilities, Preston Prison also commits to rehabilitation by offering various programmes catering to offender behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, and family and personal relationships.

Visits and Communication: Families play a huge role in prisoner wellbeing and rehabilitation, and Preston Prison recognises this. Visits are currently conducted under COVID-safe guidelines to ensure the safety of all.

  1. Letters and Telephone: Prisoners are encouraged to maintain ties with their families or friends through letters and telephone calls.
  2. Email a Prisoner: An online service where family members can send messages.
  3. Secure Video Calling: In response to the pandemic, a secure video calling service has been implemented.

Prison can be a tough and challenging environment, which is why it also places focus on prisoner health and wellbeing. Mental health support is available, and there are multi-faith chaplaincy services catering to a broad spectrum of faiths.

In conclusion, while being a prison, HMP Preston prioritises the safety, health, and rehabilitation of its inmates. Ultimately, the goal is to help them reintegrate back into society as law-abiding citizens once they’ve completed their sentence.

For more detailed information on the rules and specifics of life inside Preston Prison, please refer to HM Prison and Probation Service’s official website. Stay tuned for more inside looks at other UK prisons on our website.

Note: As the situation inside prisons can change frequently because of measures like lightening lockdown restrictions or new safety measures, we recommend always checking the latest updates from the official prison’s website.

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