Inside Berwyn Prison: An Overview of Life and Facilities

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Welcome to our inside peek into Berwyn Prison, one of the UK’s largest prisons. Opened in February 2017, it’s located in Wrexham, North Wales. To give you an accurate overview, we are going to delve deep into the daily life and facilities within this prison.

First, let’s tackle the size and capacity of Berwyn Prison.

With a capacity to house over 2,000 prisoners, Berwyn stands as one of the largest prisons not only in the UK but in the whole of Europe. The prison itself is divided into three blocks – Alwen, Bala and Ceiriog.

Now, let’s examine the daily life of a prisoner at Berwyn.
Order is essential in prison life. Days start early, with prisoners rising around 7:30 am. The prisoners go about their regular schedule, which includes educational programmes, work, exercise periods and visits.

One thing that sets Berwyn apart : its approach towards rehabilitation and turning Berwyn into a ‘learning prison’. Berwyn operates under the belief that education and work skills are critical in reducing reoffending rates. Many prisoners have access to various vocational courses like carpentry, engineering, IT skills, barista training and so on.

Now, let’s step into the facilities inside Berwyn prison.
On site, we have a Chapel, gymnasium, library, healthcare wing and an Astroturf football pitch among others. The cells are spacious and each prisoner has their own room furnished with a small kitchenette and a laptop for study.

  • Healthcare: Berwyn boasts a dedicated healthcare wing that provides physical, mental and substance misuse healthcare. Regular healthcare, dental, and optical screenings are also provided to the prisoners.
  • Food: Prisoners have the responsibility for their own meals. They’re given a weekly budget to shop for groceries from the prison shop, promoting self-sufficiency and good budgeting skills.
  • Visitation: Berwyn encourages positive support and relationships with family, allowing prisoners up to 3 visitors at a time with flexible visitation hours.

If you are seeking more specific information concerning how the prison runs, we’d like you to know that Berwyn primarily follows category C prison rules. This means that while it houses people needing to be held in secure conditions, it provides prisoners with many opportunities for employment, education, and reformation.

In conclusion, we hope this detailed overview of life and facilities inside Berwyn Prison gave you the insights you were craving for. Despite its secure boundaries, Berwyn functions with the philosophy of rehabilitation and reform to help prisoners re-integrate into society in a positive and productive way.

Please remember that the purpose of this information is to provide, to the best of our knowledge, a clear and concise look at this correctional facility. If you seek further details or have any more queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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