Guide to Support and Resources for Inmates and Families

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Understanding the challenges and questions you may experience when a loved one is incarcerated in the UK, we’ve created this guide to provide support and resources for both inmates and their families.

1. Maintaining Family Connections

Staying connected with families is essential for an inmate’s emotional well-being and rehabilitation. Prisons in the UK provide several ways to maintain contact.

  • Visiting: Each prison has specific visiting hours and rules. You can find this information on the government’s official website. Due to COVID-19, some restrictions may be in place.
  • Email a Prisoner: You can use the Email a Prisoner service, which allows you to send a message to an inmate in a secure manner.
  • Phone calls: Inmates can make phone calls but cannot receive them. They purchase phone credits, and the calls are timed to ensure all inmates get a turn.

2. Financial Aid for Inmates

Inmates may need financial support for personal items or making phone calls. There are a few ways you can help:

  • Send Money: You can send money to inmates through the government’s secure service.
  • Work Opportunities: Prisons offer work opportunities to inmates where they can earn money.

3. Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding the legal rights and responsibilities of an inmate is critical. The UK has specific laws to protect the rights of inmates:

  • Rights: Inmates have the right to food, protection from bullying, healthcare, and contact with the outside world.
  • Responsibilities: Inmates must follow prison rules, respect other inmates and staff, and take part in work or other activities.

4. Support for Families

The imprisonment of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. Several organisations offer support to families:

  • Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT): PACT provides support and practical resources for families of inmates in UK prisons.
  • Partners of Prisoners (POPS): POPS offers emotional support and practical assistance to families.
  • National Offenders’ Family Helpline: This is a helpline that offers information on all aspects of the criminal justice system in the UK.

5. Rehabilitation and Practical Skills

Various programmes are available to help inmates in the UK prepare for a productive life outside of prison, including:

  • Educational Programs: Prisons in the UK provide inmates with access to education, including basic literacy and numeracy, vocational training, and higher education opportunities.
  • Mental Health Support: Mental health services are available, including counseling and treatment for addictions.

Understanding the prison system is a crucial step towards easing the stress and uncertainty that often comes with having a loved one in prison. We hope this guide provides you with the information and resources you need.

Remember, support is available not just for inmates, but for their families too, and knowing your rights and available resources is key to navigating this challenging time.

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