Are Prisoners Allowed Phones in the UK Prisons?

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In UK prisons, personal mobile phones are not allowed, and possessing one can lead to additional criminal charges. However, prisoners do have access to payphones within the prison, and some prisons now have phones in each cell. These phones are used to make outgoing calls to a pre-approved list of numbers. The implementation of in-cell phones aims to help maintain family ties, which is crucial for the rehabilitation of prisoners. The Ministry of Justice highlights that family connections can significantly reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

All calls made on in-cell phones are recorded, and only a limited number of pre-approved numbers can be called. If misuse is suspected, the calls can be monitored, and the facility has the authority to remove the phones. The initiative to install in-cell phones in more prisons is part of broader efforts to reduce crime and support prisoner rehabilitation by maintaining essential family connections and reducing tension within the prison environment.

The policy surrounding phone use in prison, including the availability of phones in cells, aims to balance the need for security with the benefits of allowing prisoners to keep in touch with their families and support networks

What is the cheapest way to call from Prison?

It is by far cheaper to call landline numbers - however landlines are becoming less common in homes & it is by far more convenient to call your loved ones mobile incase you are calling when they aren't at home. Our call packages gives you the best of both worlds - landline call pricing, but the prisoner can call you on your mobile!

Is it cheaper to call a landline from prison?

Most definitely - YES! Mobiles can cost over 25p per minute, the precious phone credit runs out very fast! Our unlimited prison calls package saves money whilst adding the convenience of being able to pickup calls on your mobile.
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