Do Prisoners Have TV in Their Cells in the UK?

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Ever wondered, Do Prisoners Have TV in Their Cells in the UK?
Let’s discover the answer in detail.

In the UK, inmates do have the privilege of having a specific type of TV in their cells. However, it’s not as straightforward as one might think. This privilege is earned and can be taken away when the rules are not adhered to.

Let’s delve more into this topic.

TV in Cells: A Reward Scheme

The provision of TV sets in UK prisons is part of the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme. Inmate behaviour determines whether they can keep a television in their cells. More importantly, this appliance is not funded by taxpayers’ money; the inmates themselves pay a small fee each week.

This reward system encourages good behaviour, responsibility and a work ethos, enhancing the overall prison environment.

Rights and Restrictions

Prisoners in the UK don’t have an unfettered right to watch whatever they want. The available channels are limited, with subscriptions to premium ones like Sky or BT Sport not allowed. Access to internet, DVDs, or Blu-ray players, is also prohibited.

Overtime Regulations

Reports of prisoners watching TV for 10 hours a day are misleading. There are strict limits to screen time, particularly during work hours or times of scheduled activity. Television broadcasts in cells generally begin in the evening when work ends and lights out.

Benefits of In-Cell TVs

Though debatable, several benefits have been associated with in-cell TV. These include:

  • Reducing tension and violence among inmates.

  • Serving as an education tool, with access to channels that air informational programs.

  • Helping to manage prison populations and maintain order.

Controversies and Criticisms

Although beneficial in several ways, the provision of TV sets to inmates has been criticized in several quarters. Many argue that it incentivises laziness, contributes to an increased sedentary lifestyle, and overlooks the punitive element of incarceration. However, the government maintains that it is integral to inmate rehabilitation and maintains order within prison settings.

To summarise, TV is allowed in prison cells in the UK but under a set of rules and restrictions. Prisoner behaviour plays a key role in retaining these privileges, making it a crucial part of prison management.

UK prisons continue to balance between punitive methods and rehabilitation strategies to reintegrate inmates into society after their jail term, with in-cell TVs playing a minor but significant role in these plans.

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