Essential Items Women Can Bring into Prison

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When preparing for a prison sentence, it’s crucial to understand what personal items you’re allowed to bring along. This guide provides a list of essential items women can bring into prison in the UK.

Items Allowed After Search and Approval

  • Medications: Prescribed medications are allowed, ensuring health needs are taken care of within the prison.
  • Glasses: If you require glasses for reading or vision, these can be brought into the prison.
  • Hearing aids: These are allowed only if deemed necessary. Batteries will be provided by the prison.

Items Allowed Without Need for Search and Approval

  • Clothing: Certain personal items of clothing are allowed, such as underwear.
  • Toiletries: Prisons can provide basic toiletries, but women can also bring their own, subject to certain restrictions.
  • Feminine hygiene products: Prisons provide these, but women can also bring their own if they prefer a particular brand.

The following details which items are allowed and the regulations around them in greater depth.

Prescribed Medications

If you take prescribed medications, be it for physical or mental health issues, you are permitted to bring them into prison. However, there are procedures that must be followed to ensure safety and proper usage.


Prescription glasses are allowed, though it’s a good idea to also bring a copy of your prescription. This can be helpful for confirming your need for glasses and potentially assisting with acquiring new glasses in prison if necessary.

Hearing Aids

If you use a hearing aid, you can bring it with you into the prison. You’ll be given access to additional batteries as needed. However, each prison has its own policy regarding batteries, so it’s always a good idea to confirm this with the prison directly.


While prisons do provide a standard issue of clothing, women are often permitted to bring certain personal items, with underwear being the most common. These items must adhere to rules of modesty and practicality, and they are subject to search.


Standard toiletries are provided by prisons, such as soap, toilet paper, and shampoo. However, women can bring in certain additional toiletries, but these are subject to approval and might be restricted by brand or type.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Prisons will provide feminine hygiene products, such as tampons and pads. Certain prisons may allow women to bring their own preferred products, but they would need to check this specific allowance with their prison of incarceration.

Remember, all prisons have their own specific policies on what can and can’t be brought in, so it’s essential to check with them first. This guide was designed to provide a broad understanding of what is generally accepted across the prison network in the UK.

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