How to Email a Prisoner: Guidelines and Procedures

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If you have a friend or family member who’s incarcerated in the UK, you might be wondering how you can keep in touch with them throughout their sentence. Although most contact is done via letters, phone calls, and visits, it’s also possible to email a prisoner in many UK facilities. Communicating via email can often be much quicker than traditional mail, and it’s a great way to maintain regular contact.

However, emailing a prisoner in the UK is a bit different than regular emailing. There are specific procedures and rules to follow. To help you navigate this process, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to email a prisoner.

Using the Email a Prisoner (EmailAPrisoner) Service

The UK government has approved a service named EmailAPrisoner, which facilitates email communication between you and your incarcerated loved one. It’s available in almost all prisons across the country.

To use the EmailAPrisoner service, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Register for an account by clicking on the “Register” button
  3. Once you’ve registered, login to your account
  4. Add credits to your account. Each email requires one credit, which costs 40p
  5. Compose your email and click “send”

How it Works

Once you’ve sent an email via EmailAPrisoner, it’s printed off in the prison’s mail room and delivered to the prisoner along with their regular mail. Most emails sent before 3:00 PM are delivered the same day, although this can vary depending on the individual prison’s schedule.

Emailing Rules and Regulations

While EmailAPrisoner is a convenient method for maintaining contact, each email is subject to certain restrictions and guidelines. These include:

  • Each email must not exceed 2,500 characters
  • All emails are monitored for inappropriate content
  • Attachments, such as photos or documents, are not permitted
  • Abusive or threatening emails will be reported to the appropriate authorities

Special Considerations for Young Offenders

If you’re emailing a young offender or prisoner under 18 years of age, different rules may apply. You should contact the prison directly for specific guidelines and restrictions.

Advantages of Emailing a Prisoner

Despite these limitations, there are several benefits to using the EmailAPrisoner service:

  • Emails may be sent at any time, providing flexibility for those with busy schedules
  • Emails are often delivered more quickly than traditional mail
  • You can easily keep track of your correspondence

Tips for Emailing a Prisoner

When you’re emailing a prisoner, it’s essential to maintain respect and decorum in your messages. Here are a few tips to help you write effectively and appropriately:

  • Stay positive. Your messages may profoundly impact the prisoner’s emotional well-being
  • Don’t mention anything related to illegal activities
  • Treat every message as though it will be read by prison staff (because it will be)

In conclusion, communicating with a prisoner via email in the UK is relatively straightforward if you comply with established protocols. Without doubt, your messages can have a positive influence on your incarcerated loved one’s life, creating a sense of connection that transcends prison walls.

Remember to always follow the rules and guidelines to ensure your messages reach their intended recipient without issue. Happy emailing!

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