Preparing for a Prison Term: Essential Information and Tips

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Preparing for a prison term can be an exceptionally challenging experience, but there is essential knowledge and practical tips that can help you get through the process. If you or someone you love is going to serve a term in a UK prison, here is some crucial information we believe would be useful.

Sentencing and Allocation

In the UK, sentences are either Determinate, where the length of the sentence is set, or Indeterminate, where the prisoner will serve a minimum term and then assessed by the Parole Board for release. An Extended Sentence on the other hand, includes a custodial term and an extended period of licence.
After sentencing, the person is usually sent to a local prison that may or may not be the one they’ll be serving their sentence. This initial period is known as the Allocation process, which decides the final placement.

Visiting a UK Prison

Visits to prisoners in the UK are a right and not a privilege, and each prison has certain rules regarding visiting hours, number of visitors, and procedures. It’s advised to always confirm with the prison before the visit.

Life Inside

Life inside a UK prison can vary widely depending on the institution and situation. However, it typically includes a structured daily routine of meals, recreation, work, and education programs. A prisoner’s rights and entitlements usually include access to healthcare, protection from bullying and racial harassment, religious freedom, etc.

Letters and Parcels

Inmates can send and receive letters, while parcels can only be sent in certain cases or with prior permission from the prison. All mails may be checked by the prison staff for security reasons.

Use of Money in Prison

Inmates in UK prisons receive a weekly wage that they can use to buy items of their choice from the prison shop. Family and friends can send money, though there are certain protocols and limits.

Release and Aftercare

Upon release, prisoners are provided with a Discharge Grant to cover immediate costs. Indeterminate sentence prisoners will be under the supervision of the Probation Service for at least a year.

    Tips for those Preparing for a Prison Term

  1. Gather as much information as you can about the prison regimen.
  2. Understanding your legal rights can help in difficult situations.
  3. Maintain your physical and mental health, engage in regular exercise, and eat balanced meals.
  4. Stay connected with your loved ones via letters, calls, and visits.
  5. Learn new skills if you can, it helps pass time and prepare for life after prison.

Preparing for prison is never easy. But with these pointers and information at your disposal, the course becomes a bit smoother. And remember, it’s about taking one day at a time.

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