Supportive Charities for Inmates and Ex-Prisoners

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The transition from prison life to the outside world can be incredibly challenging. But, with the support of dedicated charities catering to the needs of former prisoners, this journey can become navigable. This page outlines some top UK-based charities committed to helping inmates and ex-prisoners adjust to life post-incarceration.


Nacro is a social justice charity with more than 50 years of experience. They help individuals with diverse needs from housing and health to education and employment. Their holistic approach imparts practical skills to ex-offenders, thereby streamlining their reintegration into society.

User Voice:

Founded and run by ex-offenders, User Voice distinctively empathizes with the struggles and aspirations of ex-prisoners. They constructively strive to reduce re-offending by championing the involvement of service users in decision making.

The Prison Phoenix Trust:

The Prison Phoenix Trust focuses on improving the mental health of prisoners and ex-offenders. Through courses in Yoga and meditation, they help individuals in correctional facilities rebalance their lives and gain control of their emotions.

St Giles Trust:

St Giles Trust runs several projects to assist offenders through their rehabilitation journey. Their ‘Peer Advice Project’ trains serving prisoners to advise others on issues such as housing and employment, creating positive cycles of support inside prisons.

Prison Reform Trust:

The Prison Reform Trust takes an active stance in prison system betterment. Besides offering advice to prisoners, they are heavily involved in advocating necessary reforms in the penal system’s policies and practices.


Unlock seeks to ease the journey of ex-offenders by providing information, advice, and support in dealing with the legal and practical issues that can accompany criminal convictions, from securing housing to dealing with discrimination.


Clinks is a charity supporting voluntary organizations that work with offenders and their families. They provide a holistic approach involving funding support, information, and guidance to their member organizations.

Women in Prison:

Focusing on female offenders, Women in Prison is a national organization providing support services to women affected by the criminal justice system, advocating for a radical decrease in the female prison population.

Pact (Prison Advice and Care Trust):

Pact primarily assist prisoners’ families, ensuring they receive needed advice and support. Its approach believes that sustaining inmates’ family relationships positively impacts their rehabilitation process.

Langley House Trust:

With its Christian ethos, Langley House Trust helps ex-offenders reintegrate into society irrespective of their backgrounds. Their services range from offering housing to providing personalized support to individuals with their physical and mental well-being.

Remember: Transiting back into society post-prison is a tumultuous journey, but, with appropriate guidance and assistance, it is reachable. These reputable organizations, working tirelessly across the UK, aim to break the harmful cycle of reoffending by bolstering all persons affected by the penal system. Reach out to them; remember, everyone deserves a second chance.


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