How Prisoners Receive Haircuts in British Prisons

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When thinking about life in a British prison, you may wonder about the mundane day-to-day occurrences: Do prisoners get haircuts? If so, how often and where? This page is dedicated to shedding light on this aspect of prison life in the United Kingdom.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand the basic human rights of prisoners. According to UK law, being imprisoned doesn’t mean that basic fundamental rights are stripped away. Everyone certainly has a right to maintain personal hygiene and haircuts fall into this category.

Now, let’s dive into how haircuts are administered in British prisons.

  1. The Barbershop Model
    Many prisons in the UK have a barbershop-like set up managed by the prisoners themselves.
  2. Professional Barbers
    In some prisons, a professional barber is invited periodically to carry out the haircuts. The prisoners will have to line up and wait their turn, much like in a standard barbershop.
  3. Self-administered haircuts
    A number of prisons in the UK equip prisoners with the necessary equipment to trim their own hair. However, this is subject to strict rules and regulations to ensure safety.

Let’s explore these instances in more detail.

The Barbershop Model

Many British prisons adopt the barbershop model, encouraging prisoners to learn a new skill that could be useful once they are released. Here, prisoners who show interest and have good conduct may be trained and given the responsibility of trimming and shaving the hair of fellow inmates.

This model is a double win – it keeps the prisoners groomed and boosts their morale by providing them with an opportunity to learn and grow.

Professional Barbers

In some prisons, professional barbers are hired to cut prisoners’ hair. The trip to the barber is usually on a roster system and prisoners are attended to on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This method is usually employed in maximum-security prisons where allowing prisoners access to sharp objects may pose a risk.

Self-administered Haircuts

Larger prisons often provide inmates with clippers to maintain their personal hygiene, including grooming their hair. However, this system is meticulously managed to avoid any safety issues. The equipment is numbered and issued to specific prisoners upon request. It must be returned within a stipulated time after which it is cross-checked against the log and locked away.

To sum it up, how haircuts are administered in British prisons largely depends upon the type and security level of the institution. Regardless of the method, the central notion remains the same: basic grooming rights are a part of the prisoner’s fundamental rights, as established by UK law.

Furthermore, by either learning or teaching a trade such as hairdressing, or by working on their personal grooming habits, prisoners can prepare for a better future after their release. Proper grooming could thereby contribute to their rehabilitation and help in reintegration into society upon their release from prison.

We hope this page has given you a clearer understanding of how prisoners receive haircuts in British prisons. We aim to keep you informed about all aspects of life behind bars in the UK, so stay tuned for more insights into the British penal system.

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