Understanding Prison Home Leave Rules and Regulations

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In the UK, prison home leave, also known as Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL), is a privilege granted to some prisoners, contributing to their rehabilitation process. This page aims to clarify the rules and regulations surrounding prison home leave in the UK.

Criteria for Granting Prison Home Leave

A prisoner may be considered for ROTL if they meet the following criteria:

  • Currently serving a determinate sentence, and is within two years of their conditional release date
  • Has not intentionally breached the terms of any previous ROTL applications
  • Presents a low risk of escape or harm to the public

Categories of Prison Home Leave

There are four types of ROTL:

  1. Resettlement Day Release (RDR): Enables prisoners to maintain family ties, secure employment or attend substance misuse interventions
  2. Resettlement Overnight Release (ROR): Allows overnights away from prison for relationship building, housing needs and domestic responsibilities
  3. Childcare Resettlement Leave (CRL): Granted to primary caregiver prisoners to maintain relationships with their child/children
  4. Special Purpose Licence (SPL): Granted for visits to dying relatives, attendance at funerals, medical appointments, or court appearances

Applying for Prison Home Leave

Prisoners should consult their prison’s ROTL policy in order to apply. Applications are typically reviewed by a risk assessment panel.

Consequences for Breaching ROTL Conditions

If a prisoner fails to adhere to their ROTL terms, they may face penalties, such as loss of privileges, additional days to their sentence, or prosecution.

Prison Home Leave and Parole

A successful ROTL period may contribute positively towards a prisoner’s parole application, demonstrating their suitability for release.

Please note that this content provides a general understanding of UK prison home leave rules and regulations. The exact eligibility criteria and application process may vary depending on the individual prisoner and institution.

Readers are advised to consult a legal professional for specific advice. Find further assistance and support from prison support groups and resources online, for both prisoners and their families navigating through the complexities of the prison system in the UK.

Remember, understanding these rules is necessary for maintaining rights, ensuring adherence to the regulations, and facilitating smoother transition back into society for prisoners.

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