Can Inmates in the UK Use Amazon: Guidelines and Restrictions

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Often, friends and family of inmates in UK prisons wonder if they can support their loved one via provisions ordered online, specifically from Amazon. This page examines the regulations related to the use of Amazon by inmates.

While recognising the benefits e-commerce platforms like Amazon could offer in terms of selection and convenience, the UK prison system currently does not facilitate direct deliveries from these platforms to inmates for several reasons.

So, the straight answer to the question “Can inmates in the UK use Amazon?” is a NO. Here are a few key points that govern this decision:

  1. The security risks posed by direct deliveries from vast online platforms.
  2. The possibility for contraband smuggling and other illicit activities.
  3. The administrative workload for prison staff having to screen a potentially large volume of parcels.

While Amazon cannot directly deliver to prisoners, there are available options for friends and family looking to provide care items for prison inmates. Here are a few alternatives:

  • Use officially recognised prison retailers: These tailored retailers, like Argos or WHSmith, handle delivery of items from a restricted list, which varies from institution to institution.
  • Use the prison tuck shop system: Mates and family can add funds to a prisoner’s spending account which they can use at the prison tuck shop.
  • Physical deliveries: Many institutions accept certain items like clothes or books, brought to the prison during a visit.

We hope this page seeks to answer your queries regarding the use of Amazon within the UK prison system, ensuring clarification and adherence to prison rules. This information can help you support your loved ones in a way that adheres to the regulations set by the UK prison system.

Please note:

  1. Policies might vary slightly among different institutions.
  2. This information is current as of the publication date. It is recommended to contact the respective institution for the most recent regulations.

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