Prison Advice

If you have any queries about incarceration, we have the answers you need. Whether it's your first time behind bars or you're a seasoned inmate, we've got the inside scoop on what to anticipate, how to negotiate the prison system and the politics of the inmates, and how to make your time behind bars as bearable as possible.

There's a good chance you've heard the stereotypes about prison: that you'll be stabbed or raped in the showers on your first night there, that you'll be paired up with a murderer or child molester, and so on. Our Prison Advice service can dispel the rumours for you.

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Prison Advice

The prospect of going to prison for the first time might be terrifying. If going to prison is a real possibility for you, then arming yourself with information about what life is like at an HMP Establishment is essential. More Prison Advice can be found by purchasing our comprehensive prison survival guide below:

Prison Survival Guide


A comprehensive prison survival guide to give you a head start when entering prison – there is little to no guidance when entering prison leaving you to work things out as you go. Our guide covers you from the first days or entering the prison, through to visitations and survival tips from ex-prisoners.

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