Inside Look: Daily Life in Wandsworth Prison

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Wandsworth Prison, often referred to as the ‘Wanno’, is one of the largest and most well-known prisons in the United Kingdom. Located in Southwest London, this men’s reformation centre gives us a quintessential snapshot of prison life within the British penal system.

Opened in 1851 and currently operating as a Category B prison, Wandsworth holds more than 1,600 prisoners. The institution is divided into multiple wings, each with its own unique demographic allotment, such as remand prisoners, life-sentenced prisoners, and drug rehabilitation inmates, among others.

The Daily Routine

Day-to-day life within Wandsworth’s walls follows a strict and regimented schedule. In line with the UK Prison Rules and Regulations, this routine is structured around meal times, work duties, leisure, and lights-out. A typical day might look like this:

  1. 7:30 am: The first unlock of cells for breakfast.
  2. 8:30 am: Prisoners begin their vocational duties, educational courses, or other program activities.
  3. 12:00 pm: Lunchtime.
  4. 2:00 pm: Work and educational activities resume.
  5. 4:30 pm: The end of the workday. Prisoners return to their cells for a roll call.
  6. 5:00 pm: Dinner is served.
  7. 6:00 pm: Evening free time for TV watching, gym, or association.
  8. 8:00 pm: Prisoners are secured in their cells for the night.

Cells and Accommodation

Wandsworth Prison’s cells, like many others in the UK, are designed to be spartan yet functional. Each cell typically houses two inmates, featuring a bunk bed, a sink, a toilet, and a small desk area. Some cells have a window, offering a limited view of the surrounding area.

Educational and Rehabilitation Programmes

Life at Wandsworth isn’t just about confinement; it’s also about rehabilitation. The prison offers various educational courses, drug counselling services, and vocational training opportunities. These programmes aim to reduce reoffending by equipping inmates with essential skills for the outside world.

  • Educational Courses: Inmates can get a basic education, learn English and maths, IT skills, and even earn NVQ qualifications in various fields.
  • Vocational Training: Wandsworth offers vocational workshops such as bricklaying, painting, and decorating, which can lead to recognised qualifications.
  • Drug Rehabilitation: The prison’s substance misuse service provides a wide range of treatments, counselling and support for inmates struggling with addiction.

Visits and Facilities

Visiting hours at Wandsworth occur daily, with extended hours on weekends. Each visit is typically an hour long, with special child-friendly visitation areas available for inmates with young children. In addition to the visitation area, the facility also has a chapel, a gym, and a library which prisoners can utilise regularly.

While Wandsworth Prison may hold many of the constraints common to penitentiary life, it remains a hub of reformative opportunities. The goal is to help individuals grow, learn, and prepare for their re-entry into society upon completion of their sentences. It’s a reflection of the UK’s unwavering commitment to rehabilitating its prisoners, with the ultimate aim of reducing reoffending rates and ensuring public safety.

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