Inside Look: Life and Facilities at Thameside Prison

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Welcome to our inside look at life and facilities at Thameside Prison in the UK. This guide gives a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of this establishment. The emphasis is on both life and the facilities available to inmates, ensuring the most accurate information.

Background Information:

Located in Greenwich, London, Thameside Prison is managed by Serco, a private company. With the capacity to house over 1,200 male prisoners, Thameside is one of London’s larger establishments. Inmates range from remand prisoners awaiting trial, to those serving short and long-term sentences.


The prison’s accommodation largely consists of single rooms. Each room is furnished with amenities like a bed, storage, toilet, and integrated shower. An emphasis is placed on privacy and inmates’ welfare, with a secure door viewing panel in place.

Day-to-Day Life:

Each day at Thameside follows a structured routine, balancing work, education, and free time. Inmates are encouraged to engage with various activities and programs, helping to facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration into society upon release.

Employment and Training:

Thameside offers various employment and training opportunities to its inmates. Programs include vocational training, prison duties, and accredited courses, aiming to improve prisoners’ chances of securing work post-release.

  1. Sporting and Exercise Facilities:

    The prison has an all-weather football pitch, two gyms, and a sports hall. A fitness program is also available, promoting health awareness and an active lifestyle.

  2. Chapel:

    Thameside acknowledges the spiritual needs of its inmates with a multi-faith chapel, which hosts various religious services and spiritual guidance programs.

  3. Educational Opportunities:

    The prison provides access to a range of educational courses, from basic literacy and numeracy, to Open University degree courses. The aim of these programs is to equip inmates with valuable skills and qualifications to aid their rehabilitation and future employment.

  4. Healthcare:

    A healthcare unit staffed by qualified professionals is available on-site. This facility caters to a range of health needs, including mental health support, regular GP services, and substance misuse services.


Visiting a loved one in Thameside is quite straightforward, with inmates permitted three 1-hour visits per week. All visitors must be pre-booked and present identification upon arrival. The safety of visitors, staff, and prisoners is important, and stringent security measures are in place.

Support for Prisoners’ Families:

Various resources are available for the families of Thameside prisoners. This includes prison advice and care trust services, visiting information, family support assistance, and more.

In summary, Thameside Prison is committed to maintaining a safe, respectful, and rehabilitative environment. While prison life is challenging, the range of facilities, education, and work opportunities at Thameside can enable positive progression for its inmates.


Navigating the prison system can be daunting for both inmates and their families. This inside look aims to alleviate some of this uncertainty and provide insight into what life at Thameside Prison is like. Key aspects such as the facilities, daily routine, and support offered paint a glimpse into the realities of life at Thameside.

By understanding more about these aspects, we can better support the individuals residing within these institutions, working towards successful rehabilitation and, ultimately, lower recidivism rates in the UK.

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