Inside Stocken Prison: A Comprehensive Overview

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Welcome to our comprehensive overview of Stocken Prison, a Category C men’s prison located in Rutland, Leicestershire, England. Operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Stocken Prison is responsible for the successful rehabilitation and humane treatment of its inhabitants.


Stocken Prison was opened in 1985 as a purpose-built young offenders institute. Its original intent was to house prisoners serving life sentences. However, by 1988, the prison facilities expanded, evolving its function over the years to accommodate adult inmates following the extending of its roof enhancement in 1990.


Stocken Prison unfolds over a considerable area, comprising multiple residential wings named alphabetically from A to J. Each wing is equipped with integral sanitation, in-cell electricity, central heating and adequate ventilation systems. Moreover, prisoners have access to showers, in addition to secured properties storage.

  • A to D Wings: Traditional prison cells layout
  • E Wing: A mixed provision offering both single and double cells
  • F Wing: A drug recovery wing promoting rehabilitation through specialized programs
  • G Wing: Houses vulnerable prisoners such as sex offenders
  • H Wing: A therapeutic wing focusing on mental health
  • I and J Wings: Newer additions, these wings offer modern, single-occupancy cells


Stocken Prison advocates the significance of education for inmates. It partners with local colleges, offering various vocational courses encompassing bricklaying, plumbing and painting. For those preferring academics, Stocken Prison provides opportunities for studying maths, English and information technology.


Stocken Prison facilitates its inmates’ involvement with the external world through letters, telephone calls and visits. Visits, in particular, are encouraged, with a well-equipped visitors’ centre and family-friendly visiting times. Rest assured, all interactions are governed by UK prison regulations.


Stocken Prison ensures that inmates’ healthcare needs are adequately met. A robust healthcare provision includes general practitioners, mental health specialists, dentists and optometrists. As per UK laws, all inmates are accorded the same level of medical care accessible to the general public. The healthcare workforce comprises both permanent staff and outside contractors.


Stocken Prison provides a spectrum of rehabilitation programs aiming to reduce reoffending rates. These include courses to address violent tendencies, substance abuse and courses aimed at fostering beneficial thinking skills.


Life at Stocken Prison offers an opportunity for inmates to reflect, rehabilitate and rejuvenate. Aside from security measures replicating UK law standards; prisoners can work, engage in purposeful activity and have access to essential amenities, ensuring their basic human rights are upheld.


Stocken Prison is currently working on implementing ecologically friendly processes via the Greener Prison’s initiative. This initiative aims at making the prison environment more sustainable while keeping in line with UK environmental laws and regulations.


At Stocken Prison, we aim to provide an environment that promotes change and personal growth. Restorative justice is at the heart of what we do, helping inmates reform and hopefully lead a crime-free life upon release.

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