Inside Look: Understanding Life and Conditions in Rochester Prison

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Located in the Medway town of Rochester in Kent, Rochester Prison is a fascinating facility with a storied history and a unique present day operation. This page is dedicated to providing you with an inside look into life and conditions in this notable institution.

An Overview of Rochester Prison

First opened in 1874, Rochester Prison is known for its distinct history maintaining a variety of roles from a borstal, a naval prison, to its current status as a Youth Offenders and adult Category C training prison.
The facility can hold up to 743 inmates, all of whom are either young adults aged 18 – 21 serving long sentences, or Category C adult males who are nearing the end of their sentences.

Living Conditions

Besides providing a secure environment, the prison aims to ensure that living conditions are as humane and comfortable as possible given the circumstances. To give an idea of life in Rochester Prison, let’s shed light on daily routines, accommodation and meal provision.

Daily Routine

Each day in Rochester prison usually starts early and is closely scheduled to maintain order and productivity.
Inmates are awakened at 7am, followed by the roll call. Breakfast is usually served in the cells, after which they are expected to engage in work or education. The evening includes dinner, free time for activities and a strict curfew.


The inmate cells of Rochester prison are designed to accommodate either one or two inmates. Each cell is equipped with a bed and basic amenities such as a toilet, a washbasin and a small worktop.
The prison also offers communal facilities like showers and recreational areas where inmates can interact and engage in group activities during their free hours.

Meal Provision

Three meals a day are provided to prisoners. Dietary needs and allergies are taken into consideration, and special meals are provided for those observing religious dietary rules such as halal and kosher diets.
Food in Rochester prison is freshly prepared each day by inmate workers under the supervision of prison staff.

Health & Wellbeing

Healthcare services are accessible to every inmate with 24-hour nursing cover provided. Special provisions, such as access to mental health services, dental care, and optometry are available.
In a bid to inspire better health behaviours, the prison encourages inmates to partake in sports and fitness activities. It offers a well-equipped gym and organises various sports events regularly.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Rochester Prison is highly focused on the rehabilitation of inmates and runs several progressive programmes aimed at reducing re-offending. These include educational courses, vocational training, drug rehabilitation, and anger management programmes.

Visitation & Contact

Rochester Prison understands the importance of maintaining family ties and offers generous visitation schedules. However, visitors must follow strict rules and procedures such as booking visits in advance, adhering to the dress code and carrying proper ID.

Further Information

To learn more about the rules, regulations, and protocols of Rochester Prison, inmates and visitors can refer to the prison handbook provided upon arrival or can be found online.

Please note that all of this information is subject to change and it’s always recommended to contact the prison directly to ensure you have the most up-to-date details about the life and conditions within Rochester Prison.


Rochester Prison strives to provide a secure, rehabilitative environment for its residents while ensuring they have access to fundamental rights such as healthcare, education and contact with the outside world. By understanding the workings of this facility, we can better comprehend the efforts being made within the UK prison system to reform and reintegrate inmates back into society.

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