How much do calls cost in prison?

How much do calls cost in prison?

Calls to prison are exorbitantly expensive. Particularly considering the prison's motto, "Maintaining family ties reduces reoffending." So why are phone calls so expensive in prison?

Inmates pay anywhere from 6p per minute on an off-peak landline to more than twice that for a mobile call. Although calling a prison phone from a landline is far less expensive than calling a prison phone from a mobile device, what do you do if you don't have a landline? Our unlimited prison call plan is the answer.

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Without a landline, calling a mobile phone to stay in touch with family members will cost you a fortune; the average cost of a prison call to a mobile phone is about 13p per minute.

Prisoners with wealthy relatives or those who are fortunate enough to land a well-paying job inside the facility may be able to afford this.

But for individuals within the prison who don't have access to outside funds or employment, the standard weekly inmate stipend is about £2.50. You would hardly be able to make two calls of ten minutes each to a mobile phone number.

We created our phone package to help reduce the extortionate phone call costs!
I once asked the jail's governor and the Prisoner Ombudsman service within the institution about the exorbitant phone call fees. I was told that the large number of phone calls is due to the initial arrangement between HMPPS and BT, which provides phones and lines to convicts at no expense to HMPPS. In exchange, they have complete control over the phone charges, which cost the prisoner and their family, who are already struggling during a difficult period in their lives.

It's no surprise that illegal cell phones are so common in prison, given that people have little choice but to look for alternatives to stay in touch with their loved ones on the outside. This is unlikely to change anytime soon, as BT has been questioned about the deal multiple times by various jail governing organisations, but they refuse to budge.

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What is the cheapest way to call from Prison?

It is by far cheaper to call landline numbers - however landlines are becoming less common in homes & it is by far more convenient to call your loved ones mobile incase you are calling when they aren't at home. Our call packages gives you the best of both worlds - landline call pricing, but the prisoner can call you on your mobile!

Is it cheaper to call a landline from prison?

Most definitely - YES! Mobiles can cost over 25p per minute, the precious phone credit runs out very fast! Our unlimited prison calls package saves money whilst adding the convenience of being able to pickup calls on your mobile.

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