Wetherby Prison Information

Wetherby Prison
Wetherby Prison, officially known as HMYOI Wetherby, is a Young Offender Institution located in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England. Managed by Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service, Wetherby YOI serves as an important correctional facility within the UK's youth justice system. Here is important information about Wetherby Prison:

Wetherby YOI is a facility designed to accommodate young male offenders between the ages of 15 and 18. It provides a secure and supportive environment for young individuals who have been convicted of various offenses and require custodial sentences. The institution aims to promote rehabilitation, education, and personal development to facilitate their successful reintegration into society.

Wetherby YOI operates as a secure institution with strict security measures in place. The primary focus is on ensuring the safety of staff, inmates, and the public while providing a rehabilitative environment for young offenders.

Wetherby YOI offers various facilities and services tailored to the needs of its young inmate population. These include:
  • Accommodation: The institution provides residential units with individual cells or shared accommodation for the young offenders. The cells are equipped with basic amenities, offering a secure and comfortable living environment.
  • Education: Wetherby YOI places significant emphasis on education as a key component of the rehabilitation process. Inmates have access to educational programs that cover basic education, literacy, numeracy, and vocational training. The aim is to enhance their skills and employability prospects, reducing the risk of reoffending upon release.
  • Healthcare: The institution has an on-site healthcare unit staffed with medical professionals who provide healthcare services to inmates. Mental health support and substance abuse programs are also available to address the specific needs of young offenders.
  • Work and Vocational Training: Wetherby YOI offers work and vocational training opportunities within the institution. This enables inmates to develop valuable skills and a sense of responsibility while preparing them for potential employment upon release.
  • Family Contact: The institution recognizes the importance of maintaining family relationships and facilitates visits and contact with family members, subject to specific guidelines and regulations.
  • Resettlement Support: Wetherby YOI provides pre-release planning and support to help inmates prepare for their eventual release. This includes assistance with accommodation, employment, and access to community-based support services to facilitate a smooth transition back into society.
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Contact Information
HMP Wetherby,
York Road,
West Yorkshire,
LS22 5ED

Tel: 01937 544 200

Website: HMP Wetherby Prison
Booking a visit to Wetherby Prison
Visiting Times at Wetherby Prison

You can book your visit by calling 01937 544207. The booking line is open Monday to Friday. Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance (weekends not included). Find out about call charges.

Visiting times:
  • Monday to Thursday from 9am to 11:30am and 6:30pm to 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am to 11am and 2pm to 3:30pm

Wetherby Prison Information

How to get to Wetherby Prison:

The closest railway stations are Leeds and York, where you can catch local buses to Wetherby town centre. Wetherby YOI is a 15 minute walk from the town, or you can take a taxi.

To plan your journey by public transport:


There is a visitors car park at Wetherby, including spaces for Blue Badge holders.

For all visits to Wetherby Prison, visitors are required to bring photographic ID and proof of address (dated within the past 3 months). The only forms of photographic ID that will be accepted are:
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Photographic
  • Driving Licence (full or provisional)
  • Citizen Card
  • Senior Citizens Bus Pass Travel Card (issued by Scottish Government)
The only forms of proof of address that will be accepted are:
  • Utility bill
  • Council tax bill
  • Benefit book
  • Bank statement
  • other letter from official source

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