Guide to Sending Money to Prisoners

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If you have a loved one in prison and you want to send them money, there are specific rules and procedures you need to follow. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on how to make that possible.

Why Send Money to a Prisoner?

Supporting someone inside can help to ensure that they are able to buy essential items like toiletries and phone credits, can dress properly for visits and court, and stay in touch with their family and friends outside.

How to Send Money to a Prisoner

It’s important to note that you cannot directly send cash or cheques to the inmate. All money going into the prison must come via the prison’s bank account.

Three Ways to Send Money:

  1. Online Banking
  2. Postal Order
  3. Standing Order

Online Banking

This is the quickest and easiest way to send money. Use the government’s secure online service. You will need: the prisoner’s full name, date of birth, and prison number.

Postal Order

Write the prisoner’s full name, date of birth, and prison number on a postal order and send it via post. However, the order must be clear and without any message on it. If there is a message, it will be treated as a letter.

Standing Order

For ongoing support, you can set up a standing order from your bank account to the prison’s bank account. Again, you will need the prisoner’s full name, date of birth, and their prison number.


Remember, each prison has their specific policies regarding sending/receiving funds, so it’s important to verify this information from an official source prior to initiating any transfer.


Prisoners in the UK are allowed to spend a certain amount each week, usually around £25. Therefore, while it’s possible to send more, they may not be able to spend it all.

Revised Policy

From November 2021, a new rule allows prisoners to receive a one-off gift of up to £100 on their arrival, to set them up for their time inside.

Funds on Release

Also, inmates may have up to £50 saved at the time of their release to assist with their smooth transit.


Sending money to a loved one in prison can make their life easier. But it’s crucial to follow the correct procedures and stay within the laws and regulations set by the UK prison system.

This guide serves as a starting point, and it’s always recommended to double-check the specific regulations of the prison before sending any funds. Providing proper support is a way to help them transition smoothly when they’re released.


Please be aware that information can change and it’s always best to contact the individual prison or the Ministry of Justice for up to date information.

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