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Northallerton Prison
Northallerton Prison, officially known as HM Prison Northallerton, is a Category C men's prison located in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England. Managed by Her Majesty's Prison Service, Northallerton Prison provides secure custody and rehabilitation for male offenders. Here is important information about Northallerton Prison:

Northallerton Prison was established in 1783 and has a long history of serving as a correctional facility. It operates as a Category C prison, focusing on housing and rehabilitating individuals who have been convicted of various offenses and require secure custody.

Northallerton Prison is classified as a Category C prison, indicating a medium level of security. The prison implements measures to ensure the safety and security of both staff and inmates.

Northallerton Prison exclusively accommodates adult male offenders who have been convicted of crimes that warrant a Category C level of security. The prison houses individuals serving medium-term sentences and aims to provide programs and support to reduce the risk of reoffending.

Northallerton Prison offers various facilities and services to meet the needs of its inmates and support their rehabilitation. These include:
  • Accommodation: The prison provides multiple residential units with individual cells or shared accommodation for inmates. The cells are equipped with basic amenities, including beds, personal storage, and sanitation facilities.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Northallerton Prison offers a range of educational programs and vocational training opportunities to help inmates develop skills, improve their prospects, and prepare for their eventual release. These programs may include basic education, literacy and numeracy courses, vocational skills training, and accredited qualifications.
  • Work Opportunities: Inmates have access to work opportunities within the prison, such as maintenance, cleaning, kitchen, and other designated roles. These work activities aim to develop skills, instill discipline, and provide a sense of responsibility.
  • Healthcare: Northallerton Prison has an on-site healthcare unit staffed with medical professionals who provide primary healthcare services to prisoners. Mental health support, substance abuse programs, and specialized medical care are also available.
  • Family Contact: The prison recognizes the importance of maintaining family relationships and facilitates visits and contact with family members, subject to specific guidelines and regulations.
  • Resettlement Support: Northallerton Prison offers pre-release planning and support to help inmates prepare for their eventual release. This may include assistance with accommodation, employment, and access to community-based support services.
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Permanently Closed in 2014

Northallerton Prison Information

HM Prison Northallerton was a prison in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England. It operated from 1788 until December 2013. During that time, it variously housed male and female adult prisoners, women with children, youth offenders, and military prisoners.
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