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Grendon Prison
Grendon Prison, officially known as HMP Grendon, is a unique therapeutic Category B men's prison located in Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire, England. Managed by Her Majesty's Prison Service, Grendon Prison provides a therapeutic environment for adult male offenders. Here is important information about Grendon Prison:

Grendon Prison was established in 1962 as the first therapeutic community prison in the United Kingdom. It operates under a distinct therapeutic model and aims to address the underlying causes of offending behavior by providing intensive therapy and support to its inmates. The primary objective of Grendon Prison is to promote rehabilitation and reduce the risk of reoffending.

Grendon Prison follows a therapeutic community model, which emphasizes the importance of community living, mutual support, and responsibility. The prison provides a structured environment where inmates engage in therapy sessions, group work, and other interventions to address their offending behavior, develop insight, and gain the necessary skills for successful reintegration into society.

Grendon Prison accommodates adult male offenders who have been assessed as suitable for the therapeutic community. The prison has a capacity for approximately 238 residents, who are selected based on specific criteria and undergo a rigorous assessment process before admission.

Grendon Prison offers a range of facilities and services to support the therapeutic process and facilitate inmate rehabilitation. These include:
  • Living Units: The prison consists of multiple residential units where inmates live together in a therapeutic community. The living units provide a structured environment for residents to engage in therapy and support each other's rehabilitation journey.
  • Therapy and Interventions: Grendon Prison provides a variety of therapy programs, including group therapy, individual counseling, cognitive-behavioral interventions, and anger management programs. These interventions are designed to address the root causes of offending behavior and develop pro-social attitudes and skills.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Inmates have access to educational programs to improve their literacy, numeracy, and other skills. Vocational training opportunities are also available to enhance employment prospects upon release.
  • Work and Employment: Grendon Prison offers work opportunities within the prison to develop skills, a sense of responsibility, and a work ethic. Inmates may be involved in activities such as kitchen work, maintenance, or peer support roles.
  • Healthcare: The prison has an on-site healthcare unit staffed with medical professionals who provide primary healthcare services to prisoners. Mental health support, substance abuse programs, and specialist services are also available.
  • Family Contact: Grendon Prison recognizes the importance of maintaining family relationships and supports visits and contact with family members, subject to specific guidelines and regulations.
  • Resettlement Support: The prison offers pre-release planning and support to help inmates prepare for their eventual release. This may include assistance with accommodation, employment, and access to community-based support services.
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Contact Information
HMP Grendon Prison
Grendon Underwood,
HP18 0TL

Tel: 01296 445000

Website: HMP Garth Prison
Booking a visit to Grendon Prison
How to book a visit to Grendon Prison?

You can book your visit online:

You can book your visit by telephone.

Booking line: 01296 445 243 The booking line is open Monday to Friday: 10am to 12pm

Grendon Prison Information

Visiting times at Grendon Prison
Visiting times are between 2 and 4pm on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.

How to get to Grendon Prison?

Grendon prison is quite remote so unless coming by car, it can be tricky to get to. There are no buses to Grendon Prison on the days of visits.

The nearest train station is Bicester. Then you will need to get a taxi as its too far to walk from the station.

To get there by car, use the A41 to Aylesbury towards Bicester for around 12 miles. Go right on grendon underwood, past the church and prison is about half a mile on the right hand side.

There is prison park available on site.
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