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Feltham Prison
Feltham Prison, officially known as HMP Feltham, is a complex of two prisons located in Feltham, London, England. Managed by Her Majesty's Prison Service, Feltham Prison comprises Feltham Young Offenders Institution (YOI) and Feltham Aylesbury, a Category C adult male prison. Here is important information about Feltham Prison:

Feltham Prison has a long history dating back to 1854 when the original prison was established. The current complex includes both a Young Offenders Institution and an adult prison. Feltham YOI focuses on the detention and rehabilitation of young offenders aged between 15 and 18, while Feltham Aylesbury caters to adult male offenders.

Feltham YOI is classified as a closed prison and primarily accommodates young offenders. Feltham Aylesbury, on the other hand, is classified as a Category C prison. It is designed to hold individuals who have a moderate security risk but may not require the highest level of security measures found in maximum-security prisons.

Feltham Prison complex houses both young offenders and adult male offenders. Feltham YOI can accommodate approximately 180 young offenders, while Feltham Aylesbury has a capacity for approximately 920 adult male prisoners.

Feltham Prison complex provides a range of facilities and services to meet the needs of its inmates and support their rehabilitation. These include:
  • Accommodation: The complex consists of multiple residential units with individual cells or shared accommodation for inmates. The cells are equipped with basic amenities, including beds, personal storage, and sanitation facilities.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Feltham Prison offers educational programs to help inmates improve their literacy, numeracy, and other skills. Vocational training opportunities are provided to enhance employment prospects upon release.
  • Workshops and Employment: Inmates have access to workshops where they can engage in various activities such as carpentry, painting, and other vocational programs. These activities aim to develop skills and potential employment options within the prison.
  • Healthcare: Feltham Prison has an on-site healthcare unit staffed with medical professionals who offer primary healthcare services to prisoners. Mental health support and substance abuse programs are also available.
  • Sports and Physical Activities: The prison promotes physical fitness and well-being by providing access to sports facilities and organized activities. These activities aim to develop teamwork, discipline, and positive lifestyle choices.
  • Family Contact: The prison recognizes the importance of maintaining family relationships and offers opportunities for visits and contact with family members, subject to specific guidelines and regulations.
  • Chaplaincy Services: Feltham Prison has chaplains representing different faiths who offer religious support and guidance to prisoners.
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Contact Information
HMP Feltham Prison
Bedfont Rd,
TW13 4NP

Tel: 02088 445000

Website: HMP Feltham Prison
Booking a visit to Feltham Prison
How to book a visit to Feltham Prison?

You can book a visit online here www.gov.uk/prison-visits alternatively you can book a visit by calling 0208 844 5400. Lines open 08:15-20:00.

Feltham Prison Information

What are the visitng time at HMP Feltham Prison?
Visits at HMP Feltham are held
  • For those between 15-18 visits are held Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 13:00-16:30 Sunday 13:00-14:45.
  • Visits for the older 18-21’s are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday 13:00-16:30 and Sunday 15:15-16:30
How to get to Feltham Prison, Directions to Feltham Prison:

Getting to Feltham prison, by train, Feltham station connects with both London Waterloo and Reading railway station

Driving to the prison? south (M3) Sunbury Cross. Take 1st left into A308 -Staines Road West. At traffic lights turn right into A244 – Chertsey Road. Go straight ahead at junction by Sawyers Arms (flats on right, field on left).Turn left at next lights, and HMP&YOI Feltham is next turning on left. There is hardly any parking at the prison.
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