Channings Wood Prison Information

Channings Wood Prison
Channings Wood Prison, officially known as HMP Channings Wood, is a Category C prison located in Denbury, Newton Abbot, Devon, England. Operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service, Channings Wood primarily holds adult male offenders. Here is important information about Channings Wood Prison:

Channings Wood Prison was opened in 1974 and serves as a correctional facility for adult male prisoners. Its primary purpose is to securely hold individuals who have been convicted of various offenses and support their rehabilitation and reintegration into society

Channings Wood Prison is classified as a Category C prison. It is designed to hold prisoners with a lower security risk compared to higher-category prisons. While maintaining necessary security measures, the prison focuses on providing programs and support for rehabilitation and reintegration.

Channings Wood Prison primarily accommodates adult male offenders. It holds individuals who have been convicted of various offenses, excluding those requiring maximum-security confinement. The prison can house approximately 700 individuals.

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Contact Information
HMP Channings Wood Prison
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6DW

Tel: 01803 814 600

Website: HM Prison Channings Wood
Booking a visit to Channings Wood Prison
How to book a visit at Channings Wood Prison.

To book a prison visit to channings wood prison you can either call the booking line on 01803 812 060.

The booking line is open Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays) 9am to midday, 1:45pm to 4pm or you can email the prison

Channings Wood Prison Information

What are the visiting times at Channings Wood Prison?

Visiting times:
  • Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm
  • Friday: 2pm to 4pm
  • Saturday: 2pm to 4pm
  • Sunday: 2pm to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday visits alternate between residents in the main prison and the vulnerable prisoners unit. The booking line can advise you on the appropriate weekend day to visit.

What are the directions to Channings Wood Prison, How to get there?
The closest railway station is Newton Abbot. From there you can take a taxi, or a bus from the bus station which is a 10-minute walk away.

Is there car parking at Channings wood Prison?

A small visitor car park is available outside the visitors centre. Once this is full, parking is available on the main prison driveway.

What to take to a Channings Wood Prison Visit

All visitors aged 16 and older need to bring one of the following types of photo ID:
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • benefit book
  • senior citizen’s public transport pass
  • annual public transport season ticket (with photo card)
  • employer ID card (if it shows the name of the visitor and the employer)
  • European Community identity card
Channings Wood has a strict dress code policy, which means visitors should wear smart clothes (no vests, no low-cut tops, no shorts, no short dresses and no headwear, other than that worn for religious reasons).
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