Brinsford Prison Information

Brinsford Prison
Brinsford Prison, located in Featherstone, Wolverhampton, England, is a prison facility managed by Her Majesty's Prison Service. It serves as a Category C adult male prison in the United Kingdom. Here is some essential information about Brinsford Prison:

Brinsford Prison was established in 1991. The prison was initially built as a Young Offender Institution (YOI) but later transitioned to an adult prison facility. Its primary purpose is to securely hold adult male prisoners who have been convicted of a variety of offenses.

Brinsford Prison is classified as a Category C prison. It is considered a lower-security facility compared to Category A or B prisons but still maintains measures to ensure the safety and security of both inmates and staff. The prison employs various security protocols, including CCTV surveillance, secure perimeters, and strict access control.

Brinsford Prison houses adult male prisoners classified as Category C offenders. It accommodates individuals who are serving sentences for various offenses, including but not limited to, non-violent crimes, property offenses, and some sexual offenses. The prison also holds a small number of young adult offenders.

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Contact Information
HMP Brinsford
New Road,
WV10 7PU

Tel: 01902 533450

Website: HM Prison Brinsford
Booking a visit to Brinsford Prison
How to book a visit at HM Prison Brinsford.

You can book at least 28 days in advance to visit most residents of Brinsford but you must be on their visits list and book at least 2 days before your required visit date.

Residents can have up to 3 visitors aged 10 or older at a time, and 3 children under 10 for any visit.

Children aged 17 or under must be accompanied by an adult who is on the resident’s approved visitor list.

To Book a Visit at the Prison call the Booking line: 0300 060 6500
Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

Brinsford Prison Information

Visiting hours within the prison are:
13:30-16:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

You can also book via email:

Directions to Brinsford Prison

If you are going by train the nearest station is Wolverhampton. A bus service runs between Wolverhampton and Cannock (874)

If you are driving, there is a dedicated parking area for visitors is provided next to the Visitors Centre.
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