Belmarsh Prison Information

Belmarsh Prison, located in Thamesmead, South East London, is a high-security prison in the United Kingdom. It is managed by Her Majesty's Prison Service and is primarily designed to hold male adult prisoners. Belmarsh Prison is known for its strict security measures and has gained significant attention due to its role in accommodating individuals involved in terrorism-related offenses. Here is some essential information about Belmarsh Prison:

Belmarsh Prison was opened in 1991 and was initially built to house category A prisoners, who are considered the most dangerous and pose the highest risk to public safety. The prison's primary purpose is to securely detain individuals awaiting trial or serving sentences for serious crimes, including terrorism, organized crime, and other high-profile offenses.

Belmarsh Prison primarily houses male adult prisoners, including both remand (pretrial) and convicted prisoners. It is known for accommodating individuals involved in terrorism-related offenses, but it also holds individuals convicted of other serious crimes. The prison has a capacity to hold around 900 inmates.

Belmarsh Prison is classified as a high-security facility. It is equipped with advanced security systems, including perimeter fencing, electronic surveillance, and a comprehensive alarm system. The prison's security staff undergo rigorous training to ensure the safe and secure operation of the facility.

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Contact Information
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way,
SE28 0EB

Tel: 02083 314400

Website: HM Prison Belmarsh
Booking a visit to Belmarsh Prison
To book you need to call Belmarsh Prison on Contact Number 02083314768 or you can book via email:

If booking via Belmarsh Prison email, you must include the prisoners name who you wish to visit in the emails subject and include 2 different days that you could be available to visit, you full name, address and DOB and your relation to the prisoner. This needs to be repeated in the email for everyone that is going to be visiting Belmarsh prison for the visit.

There is a maximum of 3 visitors allowed at Belmarsh prison over the age of 10 and 3 visitors under the age of 10 in any one given visit.

Due to Belmarsh being a high category prison, expect security to be at its highest and your biometrics (finger prints) will be taken upon entry.
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