Bedford Prison Information

Bedford Prison, located in Bedford, England, is a historical correctional facility that has played a significant role in the criminal justice system of the region. Serving as both a place of punishment and rehabilitation, Bedford Prison has a rich history and has witnessed numerous transformations since its establishment.

Bedford Prison was first established in 1801 and was designed by the renowned prison architect John Howard. It was built to replace the original Bedford County Gaol, which stood on the same site and was considered inadequate. The new prison was constructed using local materials, primarily Bedfordshire limestone, and featured a radial design with a central hub and wings that extended from it.

Over the years, Bedford Prison underwent several renovations and expansions to accommodate the growing number of inmates and modernize its facilities. Notably, in the mid-19th century, the prison implemented a separate system of solitary confinement, emphasizing isolation as a means of punishment and reform.

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Contact Information
HMP Bedford
St. Loyes Street,
MK40 1HG

Tel: 01234 373000

Website: HM Prison Bedford
Booking a visit to Bedford Prison
How to book a visit at HM Prison Bedford
  • be on that person’s visitor list
  • book your visit in advance (usually 2 working days notice)
  • have the required IDwith you when you go
Visitors should dress sensibly. You may be turned away if you are wearing items like vests, low-cut tops, high-cut shorts or dresses, or clothing with offensive slogans.

Bedord Prison Information

If you are thinking of getting the train to Bedford prison, the nearest station is Bedford Railway station which is an aprox walk of 15 minutes

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