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Ashfield Prison is a high-security correctional facility located in Ashfield County, known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and stringent security measures. Established in 1975, the prison serves as a key institution within the criminal justice system, housing and managing convicted individuals who have committed serious offenses. With a focus on ensuring public safety, Ashfield Prison operates under strict regulations and employs various programs to promote rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

Ashfield Prison features modern facilities designed to meet the needs of both inmates and staff. The complex comprises multiple cell blocks, administrative offices, recreational areas, a medical center, and educational facilities. The prison grounds are secured by perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, and a highly trained security team.

The management of inmates at Ashfield Prison follows a comprehensive approach that balances punishment with rehabilitation. A classification system is employed to assess the security level and specific needs of each individual, determining their housing arrangements and access to programs. The prison offers vocational training, educational courses, counseling services, and substance abuse treatment programs to facilitate the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates into society.

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Contact Information
HM Prison Ashfield
Shortwood Rd,
BS16 9QJ

Tel: 01173 038000

Website: HM Prison Altcourse
Booking a visit to Ashfield Prison
How to book a visit at HM Prison Altcourse

Visits are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons between 14:00-17:00 and on Saturday mornings 09:00-12:00

To book a visit at Ashfield, you should call the prison directly on 01173 038000. Upon arrival for your visit, All visitors will be searched prior to being admitted to the visits hall and you will need to provide photo ID and proof of address.

Ashfield Prison Visit Times

The visiting times at the Prison are as follows:

Visits are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons between 14:00-17:00 and on Saturday mornings 09:00-12:00.

To get to HMP Ashfield by train, the nearest train station is Bristol Parkway, the prison do run a minibus service from the station so it may be worth making contact with the prison first to see if this is running on the day of your visit to Ashfield Prison.

Public buses do run to the prison from Bristol past the prison (click here for details)

Getting to HMP Ashfield Via Car: leave the M32 at Junction 1 and follow signs for Mangotsfield and Pucklechurch. Parking is available at the prison.
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